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Tool to get proper QMID exclusion boundaries

Discussion in 'Tools programming' started by lordofwings, 7 Sep 2007.

  1. lordofwings


    5 Nov 2006
    A common and most annoying problem when creating scenery is the cycle time it takes to create your XML, load FSX and your flight, find out the exclusion was wrong and do it once again. The bottleneck being FSX.

    Now, for scenery design if your exclusion polygon goes one pixel beyond a magic latitude or longitude then the WHOLE adjacent QMID area gets excluded and you will see a LARGE square landmass. May not be noticeable if you work on large terrain areas but if you are working on sea-bound (islands and coastal areas) scenery then you are out of luck.

    The starting point is the TMF Viewer of the SDK. Unfortunately the tool is kind of half baked without thinking of us scenery makers and our challenges. To begin with you can get approximate coordinates by choosing a spot and zoomin in (time consuming). The main problem here being that TMF Viewer gives you only 6 decimal digits which is not nearly enough to get the proper exclusion.

    As a result of this -now that I am more active in scenery improvement- I spent nearly 6 hours yesterday trying to get the proper exclusion for the island group and no luck.

    So, is there a tool out there that would allow me to select a QMID (5/11) and give me the proper polygon I can use for the Exclude? Like I said, if you go one point beyond the the whole adjacent area is touched and filled with land (the exclusion) and that is not what we want. We want just to exclude the chosen QMID.
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