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Transparent taxilines?

Discussion in 'Airport Design General' started by Touradg, 18 Sep 2005.

  1. Touradg


    1 Mar 2005
    Hello again my friends, ;)
    Is it possible to design transparent taxi lines in Airport for windows, something like what we have in FlyTampa Dubai scenery? I have tried different methods but without any success :( . I used road method to create taxi lines but the problems is that the transparent texture doesn’t appear transparent and also there is layer problem .The taxi lines (road actually) disappear when I select different layer than 16 .I should use higher layer like 30 to make them appear above my Gmax runway. Do you have any suggestion? Should I design the taxi lines in gmax too?
    Is it possible to use line command method in Airport for windows but with a texture other than fs default?

  2. arno

    arno Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    28 May 2004
    Hi Touradg,

    It is indeed a known problem that transparant textures do not work on road objects. So you would have to use a different technique if you really need to use a transparant texture.

    About the layering, if you have made your runway in GMax, it should not be a problem to get it at layer 12 or so :). The problem with the roads being always on 16 is only a problem if you use the old style Runways, as these have a fixed layer.

    If you want more flexibility you could indeed make your taxilines in GMax as well, but personally I find the old road objects easier to work with and in most cases they are sufficient as well.

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