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Trouble with Magnetic Variation

Discussion in 'Airport Design Editor' started by b_spanjer, 24 Dec 2007.

  1. b_spanjer


    24 Dec 2007
    Hi....my name is Brandon, I have been using ADE for only about a day. That seems short but theres a reason why. I am trying to create a new airport in Kansas, USA where no other international airport is around. The main problem is that I dont know what magnetic variation to use. I start with a runway at 220 degrees. When I go to the airport in FSX I am pointing toward the centerline just fine but my actual heading is 213 degrees. I would figure I would have to change the magnetic variation by either -7 or +7 degrees. It doesnt matter what number I put in, the aircraft remains at 213 degrees. I do recreate and save the airport everytime because there is no menu to change this information on the fly. I also delete the .BGL file in the FSX dir and replace it with the new file just to make sure its not using the same file with the problem. If there are any ideas let me know. Its the only thing so far keeping me from building my airport. One suggestion would be to make a menu identical to the "new airport" menu so I can change the location, altitude and magnetic variation without having to creat a new airport every time until everything works. Thank you.
  2. jvile


    24 Jan 2005
    Hi Brandon

    That is the True heading of the runway. When you set the runway heading FS sets the Mag heading and we have no control over it.

    So if the True is 220 -7 in the magdec.bgl that means your plane based on the start location and runway will be pointing at 213 degrees.

    If you want the Plane to be precisely pointing 220 on a Go To then set the Runway True heading to 227.0 degrees.
  3. scruffyduck

    scruffyduck Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    17 Sep 2005
    If you right click on the ARP and then ENTER to Edit. This will allow you to edit the airport information. You may change the Magentic Variation there - of course it should relate to the actual MagVar for where your airport is located. In the ADE Home edition you may not change the ARP location itself or altitude.

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