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P3D v4 UGGT - Telavi, Georgia [Released]

Hey guys,

a few months back I announced the UGAM Ambrolauri scenery here.This one is on hold for the moment as the airport is just too new and it is really hard for me to get any information. Another reason is, that I have been given the opportunity for a photoshoot at Telavi airport during my vacation there. Thanks to the Georgian Aviation University for that!

Telavi is a town in Kakheti, a wine-growing region in eastern Georgia. The airport got recovered around a year ago and is used by the Georgian Aviation University for educational purposes. Right now, there is no scheduled service and I am not sure, if it is planned.

I am finished with the most important buildings and a lot of little objects but there is still a long to-do-list. Here you see the terminal (empty right now, so maybe there is some kind of domestic travel planned), the tower and the maintanance hangar. Next will be the ground polys...

Fans of DCS will know every little village in that country.

For me personally, I find the mountainous countryside to be very beautiful and I love the idea of regional flights there. So all you will get is more encouragement from me, sir.
Thank you! There is actually a military airport only a few kilometers from the airport. Right now it is only on the photoscenery and I haven't decided, what to do with it as I don't know anything about it. Maybe I will do a basic AFCAD and place a few military objects there...

Maybe you DCS guys know more ... :)
I like the idea of including the military afcad and some nice buildings. But I beg you, unless you know something about military hardware and what goes where -- please leave it out. And even then, you cannot suit every taste; some prefer today's equipment, others prefer the older retro stuff, some like a mix, some don't care. I refer here to planes and vehicles, static military stuff.

My recommendation is this -- avoid statics altogether, and simply leave some parking spaces for military AI, in the location where you think it should be, and then others can come along and add their military AI packages as they see fit.

EDIT: BTW that base looks like it is a former helicopter base, probably no longer active. Could be used periodically by units visiting from one of the main bases. Nothing to base that on other than just eyeballing it. Not a ton of good order-of-battle info out there. Probably a good idea to create a working AFCAD with military parking spaces and then folks can add in their traffic as they see fit.
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Ripcord has an interesting take on military airfields, and I don't necessarily disagree. I think it is a case of what do you want the military base to be? Accurate to today or from another era.

That said, I share Ripcord's dislike of having the wrong AOB at a mil base. The default FSX offering is much to limited. I like a "sprinkling " of static aircraft although I admit that with the exception of large fighter bases—NAS Oceans, Langley AFB, etc—you can probably achieve that with AI flights.

After 28 years as an Naval Intelligence officer (not an oxymoron), I have a fairly good idea of what was at certain bases and when it was there. There are a couple of sites that offer freeware mil aircraft so you can get the correct planes of the correct era.

That is really the key to mil bases. Many former Warsaw Pact bases are gone - just ruins. Others are civilian airports. Recently for FSX@War, I rebuilt two airbases outside of Haiphong that were active in the Vietnam war. I used a 1968 US military map because they had changed so much and sprinkled its revetments with some static Mig-21s. So now I can take off in a NVAF Mig-21 or swoop in with my F-4E and be "right at home", albeit circa 1968. :)

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Interesting input. I really would have added just some default static objects, I suppose. But if that does more harm than good, I can just leave it at an AFCAD file. I really can't find any information or pictures about this helicopter base and the blurry satellite image is all I have.

Maybe I will make some optional static objects, just that you can see something, when you fly by... the military guys who might want to use the helicopter base, can deactivate them.
Maybe I will make some optional static objects, just that you can see something, when you fly by... the military guys who might want to use the helicopter base, can deactivate them.
I think that is a good way to work it. I usually put a few static aircraft and objects (military vehicles)…there is a default FSX blue pickup truck that is almost exactly what the USAF uses. Quite frankly I like a few static aircraft…to show me were to park. :)

I really can't find any information or pictures about this helicopter base and the blurry satellite image is all I have.
Actually, that is not necessarily a bad thing. In cases like this, you really cannot go wrong. Add whatever scenery you think fits. If you really want to get fancy you can design your own "aged"–cracked and faded–runways, taxiways and ramps…maybe add a few small bushes breaking through cracks…stuff like that.

Something to think about: ADE has the ability to add FSX ground textures. However, it is not as flexible as SbuilderX in that regard. Many times, when I am going to build or rebuild an airfield, I start with SBuilderX to get the surrounding terrain–a few km around the airport–a bit more on the runway approach ends–in order to get a good look and feel of the area. Then I jump into ADE and add the airport. Also, whether from SBulderX or ADE, the FSX terrain polys appear bit rougher than the Apron textures. Using them (the ones without autopen stuff sticking up) can give a worn down look.
I concur. What is wrong with just a blank worn AFCAD? Maybe a building here and there....?

That is what I see in Google Earth -- an abandoned airport. No units are stationed there, and if it is used, it is used only periodically by visitors. If I go back to 2006 imagery in GE, I see the same thing. So I am going to say that it's been that way probably since the Soviets left, and that's been 25+ years now.

Remember too, David, that the main feature of your scenery is not this little former military field, but YOUR airfield, UGGT Telavi. You've gone to considerable lengths to recreate the terminal and other customer objects, to make it looks somewhat like it does in real life? Why do you want to ruin that with some fabricated interpretation just 500 years away?

A working ACFAD doesn't ruin the appearance. This method still allows for the MAIW crowd to drop in some retro AI traffic in, but that is totally at their discretion. For me personally, I'd probably send an AI Mi-17 up there or even a Bell UH-1, just to do some approaches. Or maybe land for an hour and then leave. Right now I am not aware of any AI traffic packs for this nation, but they would not be all that hard to do.

Will's method is the way to go, and I do this as well. I just try to remove as much of the PR as I can, keeping only a minimum, but again, that's a creative aspect that each artist decides for himself!
Few more images from the actual state of the scenery. Few things are still missing but the general look and feel of the airfield is already there. For the autogen I placed around 10.000 buildings manually in OpenStreetMap to import them later with scenproc. This covers all little villages and towns around the airfield. Big parts of Telavi are still missing. I guess that it will be 2.000-3.000 more till I am finished. Trees and vegetation are still mostly missing. The custom objects near the airport are mostly done, only a few (less detailed) are still missing.

Few impressions of my last flight. The scenery is almost done. Two more or less simple buildings are missing and a tiny portion of the autogen. I guess after the christmas holidays I can release it.

With SODE Windsocks:

The airport buildings and the Telavi Wine Cellar:

The Military Airfield nearby and the blending with Orbx FTX Global. The military field inherited the UG25 ICAO code, that the default Telavi airport has in default P3D. But it is not really usable as it is abandoned in real life also.

Over the right wing you can see the city of Telavi

Very nice looking airfield in a region with little attention in the sim. Sadly I do only fly with airliners and no turboprop/GA aircrafts. Do u have any plans on doing Tiflis airport for P3D?
It actually has 1.700m of runway, so feel free to try it with an airliner :D But jokes aside, I get, what you are saying. But Tbilisi I will not touch. It is too big for me, I would need years. Another reason: There is a superb version out there already. I have no idea who did it, I just know, that it is there. You can find a download link here:


Works perfect in P3Dv4 and it is better than most of my payware sceneries.

My next one will be Kutaisi International Airport... also pretty airliner friendly :)
I tried the scenery, very nice !

However I have an issue with the Ground Poly visibility: it's not visible on ground. If I'm flying around I see it, but during short final, it's progressively replaced by the ground photo + original runway path texture.

I use it without ORBX Vector and ticked the "ORBX vector not installed" option in the configurator.