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USEC Announces UX-1 Hellbat for FSX

Discussion in 'Showroom' started by icemotoboy, 9 Mar 2007.

  1. icemotoboy


    2 Mar 2007

    The Unity Security Force (USEC) has announced its previously Top-Secret development programme to manufacture a sub-orbital hypersonic aircraft for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The aircraft is fictitious, although loosely based on the concept of the rumored “Aurora” project of the US Military. The aircraft model has been completed in GMAX, and is nearly ready to begin flight testing.

    Brigadier General Dean Hall, the Chief of Staff, announced that test pilots will be selected over the next month and trained on the SR-71 Blackbird, prior to commencing testing of the new aircraft. “The Hellbat is a very difficult aircraft to fly, but also very capable” commented Hall, “we don’t know the limits of this aircraft but we believe it should be able to reach sub-orbit altitudes in FSX. It’s a real challenge for a pilot and so our training and selection process will occur on the SR-71”

    Hall confirmed that the flight model will only be available to the USEC test pilots
    selected to help refine the aircraft, and push the limits of it within the FSX environment. “We will be keeping this aircraft file under tight wraps until it has been operationally utilized, and we have moved onto our next project”. Hall hinted that once testing is complete, an unclassified version of the aircraft, that includes a watered-down flight model and no virtual cockpit, will be released in future.

    The development of the “Hellbat” is part of a bold initiative at USEC to internally develop add-ons for FSX that push the limits of the simulator. The true intent of this project is still a closely guarded secret at USEC, but Hall commented “we decided we needed to get the word out there to maximize our recruitment pool and draw the best candidates in our quest to get higher and higher into the skies”.

    For more information, visit http://www.legionimperium.org

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