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FS2004 Voxli Voice for MSFS 2004

Discussion in 'Other' started by me1900, 5 Sep 2011.

  1. me1900


    5 Sep 2011
    Please forgive me.I am not sure where to begin and if this is even in the right forum.

    I use a voice service called Voxli. Alot liter on the pc with MSFS04 running using the browser compared to Teamspeak 3. No need to log in. I have sent an email to the Voxli people asking permission to implement Voxli into a gauge in MSFS04.

    I haven't got a reply as its been 2 days ago. www.voxli.com

    For now, to make a gauge like xml is this possible to call the functions in Internet explorer. Create push to talk buttons, in the sim. Some other method without a standalone program?

    I want to make a nice 480 x 480 gauge that can layout only part of Voxli's I-face excluding chat because MSFS 2004 already has text chat.

    It would show who is present, push to talk, voxli is compatable to the youtube service so we can watch the same video we want to share.

    Voxli has also 'always on' voice so would need two volumn bars one for microhpone input and one for speaker volumn.

    I do not wish to show the icons that people like to move around in the browser.

    I ask any developer interested to look aty voxli. Use my channel for familiarization

    www.voxli.com/windrider as im pretty sure most of you here never heard of voxli. this could help flight simmers who like voice but dont wish to run a external application.

    Thanks for the help.

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