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Weird landing gear problem

Discussion in 'Modeling' started by Bugstomper, 30 Oct 2006.

  1. Bugstomper


    5 Feb 2005
    I have a strange problem exporting my aircraft in FSX.
    I've animated both L/R landing gear and tagged them using the animation tool, it all works fine in FSX. But, when i tag the center gear and export to FSX the aircraft looks very small in the preview window, about 1/10th of its real dimensions. When i look at the aircraft from the external view, the view poit seems positioned at about 1Km from the aircraft.
    This problem disappears when i remove the c_gear tag from the model.
    Here's what i've already tried to identify the cause:
    - Scale reset of all the center gear objects (no result)
    - Added a parent null object to the parts and tagged only the null (no result)
    - Tagged only one part of the gear and exported, then tagged another one and so on, until the problem pops up.

    During this last test i've discovered that tagging more than 5 parts with the c_gear tag causes the problem.
    Now, am i doing something wrong?
    Thanks for your help

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