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FS2004 Windows 7 shifted Registry entry for FS2004

Discussion in 'Tools programming' started by toprob, 15/2/10.

  1. toprob


    Some of my customers have advised that my installers don't pick up the FS2004 path from the System Registry in FS2004. After a quick check it seems that the registry entry has moved in Windows 7.

    This is only a problem for those who don't install FS2004 in the default location, AND use Windows 7.

    Anyone else have a problem with this? Or is there an existing solution? I don't remember it ever cropping up before, so maybe it's just the way I build my installers...

    I've released a little tool on my site which copies the entry to the 'old' location, so my installers can find it. I can share this if there's a need for it.

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