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XtoMDL and BGLCompiler Issues

Discussion in 'Tools programming' started by Racer, 15 Jan 2007.

  1. Racer


    15 Jan 2007
    Hey guys,

    I am trying to import a new static object (a bouy) into FSX.
    I have created this in 3D Studio Max and have set up the GUID and proper
    .dds texture on it.
    I have completed the next step of creating the .x file and .xanim file without an issue. They are visible on the desktop.
    Now the issue, I tried to convert these two files to MDL with the XtoMDL tool
    by dragging them one at a time into the XtoMDL tool icon and when I do, I get a command window momentarily pop up with some text scrolling in it. It then goes away and deposits a MDL for each one of these files on my desktop. Is this correct? I cannot enter anything into this MDL as the command window does not stay active. I then did the same thing by dragging the MDL files to the BGL Compiler icon. This time, the command window pops up, some text scolls and it turns off with no file showing up anywhere. I read in the SDK that I should do some editing in this window but it will not stay activated to do this.
    Does anyone have any suggestion to get past these first basic steps?:(

    Thank you,
  2. arno

    arno Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    28 May 2004

    Both of these tools are actually command line applications, so to make best use of them don't use the drag and drop method :).

    BGLComp compiles a XML file to a BGL file. So if you drop a MDL file on it you will not get a valid result. You will have to create a XML file first that defines the placement of the object. Have a look at the BGLComp SDK for more details or use the /XMLSAMPLE option in XtoMDL to get a sample file.

    For XtoMDL, here is the usage information you get when you just run it from the command prompt. It shows the available options:

    Usage: XToMDL.exe /KEEP /NOGUI /BATCH /NOCRASH /BMP2DDS /XMLSAMPLE /XANIM /DICT:DictFileName /OUT:OutfileName Filename.X
    For simple objects just using it with the X file as parameter works fine. I have not really tried more complex object in this way. You mention having to X file for one object, I am not sure how that should work.

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