Topics and speakers wanted for a second conference

The second online conference for FS development will be taking place sometime in April, with exact dates to be determined by both speaker and viewer availability. The first conference was focused primarily on proof-of-concept for content delivery; now that we have proven the Hangouts platform is a viable means to present these events we want to further integrate the live viewership to take full advantage of the broadcast capabilities provided by Google Hangouts.

Our first order of business is to gather up developers interested in speaking. Please feel free to post ideas for topics you would like to see other developers address even as you are considering any topics you yourself would like to talk about. Lectures can last anywhere from 30-90 minutes and speakers are not limited in the amount of topics they would like to present, although we will cut out talks if we can’t fit everything into a single weekend. All speakers with approved talks are guaranteed at least one. You can get an idea of the topics already covered and how speakers ran their sessions by viewing lectures from the first conference last year.

If you are interested in speaking please email us with the topic and synopsis of your talk, as well as your background in FS development. Please use the included subject line to ensure delivery through my spam filters. We are looking for talks covering all platforms (MSFS, P3D, X-Plane) and topics (marketing, publishing, airport design, texturing, modeling, etc). We would prefer to focus on the latest iteration of all platforms (FSX, X-Plane 10, P3Dv2) however we will also consider older platforms still in use (FS9. X-Plane 9, P3Dv1).

We will announce the speakers and topics at the beginning of March, as well as more information about scheduling for April.

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