Scenery Texturing for Realism: Going the Extra Pixel

Saturday 16 November 2013 – 16:00 UTC

by Bill Womack (iBlueYonder)

Often times, a newcomer to scenery design will learn how to do basic texture maps for scenery objects, and consider his work done. If it’s a brick building, for instance, it’ll get a repeating brick pattern, perhaps with a few doors and windows pasted on. The end result, while technically accurate, is lacking in realism. In this talk, I’ll demonstrate how to use Adobe Photoshop to take textures to the next level, reality-wise. We’ll cover scaling textures, weathering, ambient occlusion (simulating a “baked” texture without needing expensive 3D modeling software), and creating an object that looks at home in its simulated surroundings, rather than pasted atop them.

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