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We would like to invite you to be part of the first ever conference for flight simulator developers, to be hosted online for anyone in the world to participate in. This concept is built upon a similar conference from the game development industry lead by the AltDevBlogADay organizers. With the success of their event, we have spoken with them in the hopes of running our own, specifically targeted towards developing for flight simulator platforms such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D and X-Plane. We hope to schedule this event later this year, with your help!

Right now we need participation in the form of speakers. If you have experience developing for a flight simulator platform that you would like to share, then this is the perfect opportunity to have the chance to do so in front of a live world-wide audience and have your knowledge remain accessible for developers after the event as well. If you find yourself answering a lot of common questions on message boards, then here’s a chance to have a single point of reference to direct people to in the future!

We ask that you take the time to consider whether you have a contribution to make to this endeavor, regardless of the experience level you feel it may target (we hope to provide content for beginners as well as experts). If you do, please respond with the title and a short description of your topic – or multiple topics! In addition, give us an idea of when, after September, would be best for you to give your lecture(s) this year. All lectures can last as long as 1 hour, if you feel you would require more time please explain why. We will be using this information to help us decide when to host the conference and how long it will last. We ask that you please email Drew Sikora no later than the end of August. Late responses will most likely not get factored into our schedule planning and may be dropped. In September we will announce the conference date(s) and time, and all confirmed speakers will get a second deadline to have their talk materials ready.

Thanks for your consideration, and if you want to chat with the developer community about the conference then you can do so on the FSDeveloper forums. Please spread the word to friends in the industry and team mates/collaborators that you know. We hope to make this an annual event and further increase the collective knowledge of developers in our industry so everyone has a better experience with our products.

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