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    What is the best tiles server for commercial uses (Paid or Free)?

    Hello! I have looked up online for tile servers that can be used for commercial uses, but I only found two or 3, and I honestly would like to know your recommendations. Thanks in advance
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    P3D v2 Ground Polygon Shadows Problem

    Problem Solved. If the GP Layer is less than 16. Then P3Dv2 will not cast shadows on it. So I compiled all the GP BGL Files. With minimum of layer 16 and It worked fine just like the picture: (You can see the cloud shadows on the ground polygon) Have a nice one ;)
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    P3D v2 Taxi Light Transparency Problem

    Problem Solved. Adding Animation Tag with no movement at all (1 FPS Only). Will make it visible just like the image: Have a nice one ;)
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    P3D v2 Transparency issues

    I've been facing the same problem! I released my own scenery now. And still now P3D v2 Compatible because this issue! Although I think I've found a fix for it. Im gonna try and see. And tell you later.
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    P3D v2 Ground Polygon Shadows Problem

    Hi guys. Im facing a problem with the Groundpoly Shadows. In P3D v2 It works fine on some layers: On the LEFT. Is normal photoreal image right from SBuilderX. On the right is the GROUNPOLYGON Photoreal image. Which doesn't receive shadows. Same thing with all the polygons. But! Excluding...
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    P3D v2 Taxi Light Transparency Problem

    Hello there guys. Im working on my 1.2 Update for Abha X Scenery. Till now.. The scenery isn't compatible with P3D v2! The reasons are a lot. And I have a lot of problems but let me explain to you this problem that im facing with the lights. I use my lights as an object and not as an Effect...
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    FSXA Wet Runways

    Hello guys ! Im working on the update For Abha X 1.1. I would like to ask, Are there any tutorial i can follow that describes how to make wet runways in FSX Scenery ? I don't mean the default reflection but the Black wet texture and how to put it. Thank you !
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    Prepar3D v2.4 Lights Problem

    delivery guy , I tried Enabling it, didn't work ..
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    Prepar3D v2.4 Lights Problem

    Hello guys ! im trying to convert my airport to work on Prepar3D v2.4. But Sadly im facing a problem with the lights. It's custom lights with textures NOT effects. Here the lights are not Visible, It's blending with the Groundpolygon. But, when i go down and look up, I can see it ...
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    P3D v2 3 Prepar3D Problems

    Hello guys ! i'm planning to make my scenery P3D Compatible. sadly i faced two problems : 1st is the custom lights. i use custom runway lights method to make the lights work day and night. sadly i can't see the lights when there is a ground polygon after it. Like that : BECAUSE ! The photo...
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    FSXA Confused with Taxiways

    Hi there guys ! Im back again after releasing my first project FINALLY ! im starting to work on bigger airports right now which is the problem now .. Please read carefully because im really stuck. Back in the day when i made the taxi ways in my first project, it was a small airport. with...
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    Hello ! I'm Abdulleah Hajjar CEO And founder of Project 79 !

    Hello ! I'm Abdulleah Hajjar CEO And founder of Project 79 !
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    Hello ! I'm Abdulleah Hajjar CEO And founder of Project 79 !

    Hello ! I'm Abdulleah Hajjar CEO And founder of Project 79 !
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    FSX Volumetric Grass Testing

    Used this method with our scenery planning to release it as an update .. Never been so satisfied .. : At first i did the object placement tool, i got some annoying flickering. didn't like it .. next i did it using the groundpolygon method by unchecking the first two tick boxes. And i got...
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    FSXA Flickering GroundPolygon Photoreal

    arno Thanks for your answer. When i found the increasing the segments will fix the problem.. i thought Yeah thats it ! it got fixed ! but i can't in every object to increase the segments as far as i know this will have some FPS Impact.. so here's what i did. i called my friend and i gave him...