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    Testing list

    Bullet 1 Bullet 2 Bullet 3 First Second Third
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    Performance testing

    Just another quick test from my work. I think the tuning we did to the server has made the performance much better already.
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    Can't post images

    I can reproduce the problem not at work. I will take a look at the server when I get home today. I am quick sure it is related to us moving to the new server.
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    Just testing

    I knew somebody would be so predictable :D
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    Just testing

    Four, five, six, ...
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    Attachment limit

    I noticed that last night we reached the limit of the total amount of attachment for the forum. Therefore you can not attach new files at this moment. Tonight when I get home I will investigate further and see if there is enough space on the server to increase the limit. Currently it was set...
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    New site test

    Seems to work quite well I would say. Edit: attachment removed again
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    New site test

    Just a quick test to see what people with normal user settings can see and do at the new website.
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    Just a little test, nothing to worry about.