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Recent content by AndyPaul

  1. AndyPaul

    Apt.dat usage and license

    Hi, I’m curious if anyone has any info on usage restrictions of the data in apt.dat regarding distribution of derivatives? In the most recent specification of apt.dat it is mentioned that the data is GPL and usage even for commercial applications is welcome. However, afaik apt.dat is only...
  2. AndyPaul

    MSFS Troubles seeing models in MSFS

    Is anyone else having seemingly random troubles getting their models to display in the sim? I'm using the most recent version of the exporter, in Blender 2.83. Following the same steps every time, sometimes the model will show in the sim but more often than it will only show in the list of...
  3. AndyPaul

    Blender LOD models workflow

    Yes, indeed. While autogen house are visible from very far away, the model only appears (something between fade in and pop) when I am much closer. It might be because of the size of it, will try.
  4. AndyPaul

    Blender LOD models workflow

    Sorry, I meant to write “later”, not “faster”. So, yeah, it loads much later than the standard autogen models. I’ve added a couple of LOD’s in Blender which seem to make it a bit better but the model still loads a lot later than the rest. Lowest LOD I have is about 0.2 (20% of original vertex...
  5. AndyPaul

    MSFS Substance Painter + Blender + Map ID issues

    What exactly are you asking?;)
  6. AndyPaul

    Blender LOD models workflow

    Just curious: I've added a custom model to MSFS. All works fine and it is showing in the scenery. However, it loads much faster than e.g. autogen houses. Is that associated with the model not having LODs or is there something else involved? (Hope it is the lods)
  7. AndyPaul

    Blender LOD models workflow

    So, when preparing LOD's, I basically create a copy of the model and its textures, right? Each LOD is using a different texture or same texture? Not sure about the process.
  8. AndyPaul

    MSFS Scenery troubles: compiled package works on one but not on another PC [weird]

    Just seen your comments on SimOutHouse @Anthony31 , folder structure seems to be the culprit and solved now. :D
  9. AndyPaul

    MSFS Emission texture not emitting light?

    Checked as well and the emission texture is part of the package. It also shows at night only since I've activated Day/Night cycle. However, it still doesn't emit light. @Devinci Can you detail the steps you took to get it to work plz? Not sure I understand what you did regarding alpha etc. :)
  10. AndyPaul

    MSFS Scenery troubles: compiled package works on one but not on another PC [weird]

    Interesting to see that you have a similar problem @Anthony31. Maybe it is related to differences between Steam and Windows version of MSFS? Might be a possibilitiy given how strange this 'error' is. Checking out your scenery now.
  11. AndyPaul

    MSFS Emission texture not emitting light?

    So, I've created a street lamp as a test object in Blender, and exported the model with diffuse, metalness, normal and emission map. The model compiles okay and I can see it in MSFS. However, the lamp does not emit light where it should. So, I'm not quite sure if I need to add lights manually to...
  12. AndyPaul

    MSFS Introduction to MSFS SDK (scenery)

    Great article, thanks guys! One thing I'd like to mention is that Substance Designer is not really required to make PBR textures that can be used in MSFS. First, PBR ready texture can easily be downloaded from a variety of sources. Second, an alternative is to use AwesomeBump, Materialize or...
  13. AndyPaul

    Texture Issue??

    Is the texture size square and similar to like 512 x 512, 1024 x 1024 or 2048 x 2048? Could be that the compiler really wants square textures.
  14. AndyPaul

    Airport Completed for me ( ADD 3D+SAT tiles + Polygons saving + PBR Substance painter )

    I guess using AO is not obligatory but it certainly enhances the scenery. And user who have AO turned off will thank you for still having a pretty nice effect on the model.
  15. AndyPaul

    MSFS Scenery troubles: compiled package works on one but not on another PC [weird]

    Managed to install MSFS on an older laptop (the horror, took like 7 hours) and it works on there using the install package, so I'm pretty sure they gentlemen who tested it were doing something wrong or were just not being serious. :rolleyes: