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  • 1. Is it possible to make the function of reading the file modeldef.hml when importing a *.x file turned on / off in the settings? It takes a very long time to import a *.x file each time and just as long export to *.mdl file. The model contains more than 500 thousand polygons.
    Reading the modeldef.xml file should not take that long. If loading the model takes long, I think it is more likely the X file then the XML file causing this.
    Hello! My name is Sergey, I am from St. Petersburg. I am very grateful for your program (MCX). I am developing an aircraft for FSX and P3D v4.5.
    I have a few questions for you. At the moment I am working with the modeldef.xml file and I have to compile very often in a *.ml file:
    Hi Tom,

    Thanks, as a non native speaker I do sometimes mix things up. I try to make as few mistakes as possible. I'll probably remember this from now on :)
    Hi Arno,
    I create FSX-A sceneries all freeware so far. where can I find your actigate module link thats current?
    I get the non actigate models to appear on my scenery, but they all just are non responsive with only
    a wait sign. Any help would be appreciated.
    Hi, you can use the basic model in FSX and as long as placed with the FS2004 tools it will work. The advanced ActiGate features (aircraft type, etc) don't work in FSX.
    Ratan Lewis
    Hi Arno. I used your vdgstweaker to create safegate mdl with the required settings or do I have to create my own model and use the vdgs tweaker for placement with whisplacer.
    Can I use ADE9X to place safegate/safedock models? Also for using the basic model do I have to replace those various asm files with your simple/tweaked asm files?
    If you create the mdl files with vgdstweaker and put them in a FS2004 library, you can place them with any placement tool. Just remember that the model is made for one specific heading.
    Hi Arno,

    Would it be easy to implement a "bookmark" or "favorite" option in the forum software? So we could save a useful thread to read later.

    I use that a lot on others websites, so I was thinking.

    I don't know. It's software we bought, I don't develop it myself. You can always bookmark in your browser of course.
    hello arno

    All these below entries working fine and entered to the Radio Stack without any problem but what i need help to enter also the Airport name to the GPS Panel....any Ideas pls. help.

    110.30 (>L:LOWWNAV1S_Freq, Mhz)
    303 (>L:LOWWADF_Freq, khz)
    <Click> 9 (&gt;L:Austria, bool)

    (L:LOWWNAV1A_Freq,Frequency BCD16) (&gt;K:NAV1_RADIO_SET)
    (L:LOWWADF_Freq, Frequency ADF BCD32) (&gt;K:ADF_COMPLETE_SET)
    Hello Arno.

    Me again. I have just uploaded a new resource: Three windsocks.

    I would ask you to unlock this new resource.

    With the best thanks
    Seems one of the other moderators already approved it. Thanks for sharing again.
    Hi Arno,

    While editing a wiki, I noticed that embedded code is shown in Times New Roman font, I believe. Is it possible to change embedded code to a fixed width font like Courier New or Consolas?

    Thank you for the consideration,

    Bob McElrath
    Hi Arno I'm Tom From Illinois, USA. i was wondering if you could help me with a question? Is there a way to add or edit an airspace around and airport, in fsx?
    Hi, I guess you better ask on the forum. I'm not sure how this works in FSX, the last time I looked at the air space was with FS2002 if I remember correctly.
    Hi Arno how are you ? I a question about Ground Poly Wizard, in you last MC update, I´m try export in P3D v4 but the layers ( ground Poly) is all negative ( if I put 8 then i have -8) so When negative poly is under the floor, and does not appear in P3d v4, how to make it work? thanks Best Regards
    Hi, in P3D v4 they are supposed to be negative if you read the SDK. That's why the GPW makes sure they are. So that should not be your problem.
    Hi Arno, I'm Gonzalo Besoain from SurClaro.com ... I wrote to you to offer any kind of help you may need with your server. Just let me know here or to gbesoain@surclaro.com everything pro bono.
    GE View : I have problems with the installation of GE View in the FSX. I have everything installed after the installation description but I get no connection to EarthPorxydestock. Can someone help me and how can I post problems FSDeveloper
    Thanks, arno.
    I'll try the Library Creator XML thingy if it's not too complicated.
    However, a simple example with the detailed steps would be ideal for a thicko like me.
    It's a quite easy to use tool, so just give it a try :)

    The manual on the wiki is still for version 2.0 (development release is 3.0), so that's a bit outdated I'm afraid.
    Hello, arno,
    I just want to put a few model files into my scenery with ADE, but the files need to be in BGL format and most files are MDL format. I just need to convert them to BGL. So far I have had no success with modelconverterx, probably due to inexperience. It is an impressive programme, but I have had no luck so far.
    The Export nodel button gives a dozen file types, but not BGL.
    Hi, if you use export scenery you will find BGL as possible file type.

    But if you have the MDL files already Library Creator XML might be an easier tool to just pack them into a library BGL.
    I am sorry to bother you, but I am unsure of what my problem is, so I am turning to you for advice as to where to get help. I am suddenly getting green cubes around the fueling stations at my airports. I am at a loss as to the cause. Can you tell me where to turn for help?

    Thank you

    Hi Arno, I am wondering if you are interested or available for a new FS project / Tool creation? If so I would be happy to hear from you and also discuss remuneration for this. You can send me an email to seqcoaaustralia@yahoo.com.au I would prefer not to make this a public discussion.
    I often seem to miss these profile posts, but I'll send you an email.
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