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  • Hi Arno. I know that you are nl2000's member, so I wanted to ask you something: Where can I find the team's e-mail for written permission to use nl2000's library for my freeware scenery? Because I can't find it on the website, so if you could tell me,that would be great.

    Thank you for your patience

    Andrea Deplano

    I'm no longer a member of the NL2000 team for a few years already. So actually I don't know if their support email address has changed. I'll PM you the email of one of the members and then he can help you further.
    But unless the teams position has changed, I don't think you'll get permission to distribute the library with your scenery.

    Hello arno. Can you inform where can I find a software to apply the effect created by FXEditor? Do you know abaut tutorial about that too? Many thanks.
    Once you have made an effect you can either place it at a fixed location with BGLComp. You need to write some XML code for that. Tools like ADE, WhisPlacer also give you a graphical user interface to place the effects in your scenery.
    Or you can attach it to a MDL file and then it will be placed together with the model. ModelConverterX can do the attaching, or you can do it in a tool like GMax when you make the model.
    Hello Arno,

    I just want to thank you for ModelConverterX.
    I was interested in FireFighterX, which is allegedly a FPS killer. So I added 30 forest fire effects to a scenery with MDX’s “add effect” tool in no time. And the result is that such a wildfire doesn’t harm my FPS too much. I have then bought the module with a worry-free mind!
    So thank you for providing these useful tools to the community!

    Best regards,
    hey arno i am planning to build a ww2 airport however i am confuse is it legal or ilegal as i will be using an aerodrome background from the 40s 50s greyscale that i found online...obviously i will be doing an overhaul of this image as it is too small ecc.

    jean paul
    Hi, I recently downloaded your RADItor program to resolve some issues with external view of AI aircraft. I received a "The MDL was not of the expected format". I am assuming this was because they were FS9 models because it worked okay for the default MS FSX aircraft. Any chance you have a version, or suggestion for how to handle FS9 aircraft?

    Hi Arno
    Just started using ModelConverterX.
    Only one comment : "Wow!"
    And I'm just scratching the surface... Good job!
    - Hi Arno.
    I'm using Sketchup 8 and MCX ver 1.2.and everything works ok. I downloaded MCX ver 1.3 and I get the following error when I import my .dae file.
    Null Reference Exception
    This happens also with any other drawing as simple as a box.
    hey arno...can I use cgtextures for commercial use...can I edit them...can I leave them as downloaded...can I use how much I want or there is a limited number....I am confused as reading their license..can I use them for the whol project as the real airfield is closed....

    thanks a lot,
    Hi Arno.I am having problems importing any model file type into mcx, it gives me a error message saying unhandled exception has occured. Is there a fix for this
    Hello Arno. Is it possible some help about this subject? Did you ever see a massage like this: "SCASM is a Win32 console application and needs command parameters. Please open a console windows (DOS Box) to enter a command line
    or use SCASM through a font and application".
    Hey Arno,

    Any chance you could make Raditor (thanks for it btw... very helpful) 64 bit? The reason being that we are now using the 64 bit exporter and it allows us to put out much larger models... but they're not getting out of Raditor... HELP!
    Im guessing batch convert option is mainly used to convert Single objects and not intended to be used for BGL's with Multiple objects in them winch i think explains why im experiencing the issue. Any ideas thanks in advanced
    I can always export them manually and this will works but. It's quite time consuming. Is there a Way that I can set up model converter X so that it will batch convert multiple BGL 's with its contents still intact.
    Hey Arno I've been very uncomfortable with the way model converter X has been exporting my BGLs. Say for example you have 60 objects in one BGL Instead of model converter X converting A single BGL and its contents its been converting its contents as single BGLs and this is quite annoying because instead of Having it export one BGL with it's contents you end up with 60 BGLs Any Tips?
    Active is only the treat title but no place for the post, when like to post a new post.. I think a bug is active here. Thanks
    Hi Arno, just wanted to thank you for all the great tutorials and application development you do. I'm a graphic Artist/3D modeler in Los Angeles. I got into FSX last year and I really love it. Recently I started to design airports. My actual project is Burbank Airport. It's a big endeavor.. But I really feel I can do something to improve those FSX scenery. Keep the passion! Francois
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