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    Import Coordinate issue with latest MCX version

    Yes, but what is the decimal character in your windows?
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    Combining BGL files improves frame rate?

    Hi, Are you talking about resample files? I'm that case drawcalls don't really apply, that's for 3d objects. For resample files it's still a good idea to make them as big as possible. It's more efficient to have to read less files. The bgl file formats is quite optimized, so that the engine...
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    Put 50000 houses to fsx

    Oh yes, that can easily be done. I have made sceneries with many more houses.
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    do you combine mesh

    Do you mean the mesh of a 3d object? Mesh is often used as term for elevation data as well, but I don't think you mean that. I don't think combining mesh for objects helps a lot, as xtomdl already optimized on export.
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    FSX Create identical XML LibObjects having individual friendly names ?

    Do you mean the guid when you say name?
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    Placement of Buildings

    The step to replace polygons by building rectangles is the best scenproc has. But it works best on polygons with 90 angles.
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    Import Coordinate issue with latest MCX version

    Could it be you have the decimal character set to a comma on your system? Then you should enter the value with a comma, not with a dot.
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    Ground Poly Wizard not Compiling.

    Could you send me one of your models for testing what goes on? Might also be that you changed the setting for the z-axis direction, as that can affect the import of the model.
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    Worth to make a library?

    Hi, A library mainly helps if you use the same objects over multiple sceneries. Within one scenery you can easily place multiple instances of the same object already.
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    Ground Poly Wizard not Compiling.

    Hi, It's weird that the preview is empty after you load the object in the wizard. Can you try to disable the option to filter out non-ground polygons or to project them on the ground? I guess one of those might be related to nothing showing in the preview.
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    Scenproc Incomplete installation

    If you can PM them to me I can have a look if I can reproduce the error. Do you have a clean P3D install or with some addons installed?
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    Scenproc Incomplete installation

    Hi, I have just changed the code of scenProc to be more robust when the library that reads the spb file throws an error. So it will not crash anymore and should continue. But for the spb file that could not be read no GUIDs are extracted of course. I'll see if I can install the latest P3D here...
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    SceneProc texture editor time-to-process

    If you have the INF file, you can also import that in scenproc. That will georeference the images as well.
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    Scenproc Incomplete installation

    I have heard complaints about P3Dv4.5 yet. I don't have that version installed myself yet, so can't test it here. Either you have a corrupt file or something changed in the format.
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    Scenproc Incomplete installation

    So it seems there is some error while reading the spb files. I should make scenproc more robust for this,so that it doesn't crash. But maybe one of your spb files is corrupt? It's the first time I hear this issue.