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    For folks trying out their scenery in the FSX beta

    If excludes work, I'm wondering then if the object positions changed from where they were in FS9. I'll do some testing of that today. One other thing I was able to do in FS9 was to have my users deactivate the stock Phoenix Photo Scenery library item when installing mine which may have...
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    For folks trying out their scenery in the FSX beta

    I've been trying the FSX RTM version I just received and it appears the excludes and flattens I created for my FS2004 scenery still are not functional. I have to admit I have not had time to go through any of the new SDK documentation so this might be something that's no longer an issue...
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    Update on Legacy scenery issues in FSX

    I do add textures to all my objects even if a single color would work so that's not a concern. It would be wonderful if I could decompile the .mdl files into something useful and editable. I do look forward to whatever progress you make there. Thanks, Art
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    Update on Legacy scenery issues in FSX

    Wow, that's really bad news for me and will probably put me way behind on making my scenery compatible with FSX. My development computer had a severe meltdown July of this year and, although I was diligent about backups, found that I hadn't backed up my GMAX scene files since March. All the...
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    How do you like the new look fsdeveloper site?

    Totally bitchin. :p And even better, Websence hasn't found it yet so I can actually get to it from work unlike Art
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    Ground Shadows for Clouds

    Could they simply be talking about the cloud reflections in water? Art
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    Gmax in FSX

    I used flattens extensively in my photoreal scenery primarily for ensuring lakes don't climb up mountains, depressing river beds, and raising and lowering highway segments. In the present Beta 3 release they certainly don't seem to work but Microsoft closed out the feedback item I put in about...
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    Probably know the answer to this one...

    Well, found out the hard way my data backups did not include my GMAX scenes since the end of March so now I have a bunch of development that I was working on where I have the finished model files but not the GMAX scenes. I'm pretty sure I'm screwed here but can't hurt to ask. Is there anyway...
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    Bizarre animation problem

    My machine screams right now so I'm not experiencing any real dipping of frame rate. I'll have to look at it on my son's machine. Art
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    Bizarre animation problem

    Arno, I've just briefly looked into your techniques for extended animations. I've yet to play with tweaking any .asm files except with your tools but it's something I'd like to learn more about when I have the time to really delve into it. Nick, the timing takes care of itself inside GMAX...
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    Bizarre animation problem

    Found a workaround Seems my basic problem was related to number of frames. One object animated just fine at 900 or 1000 frames but the crashes for multiple objects went away when I made the total length 800. I was able to animate at least 8 separate objects, a combo plane/glider taking off...
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    Bizarre animation problem

    Thanks for the replies. I limited the animation to 900 frames, down from 1000 as a troubleshooting step. No change in behavior. Probably have no more than 6 - 8 keys in each of the two animated objects. The thing crashes with a Makemdl error that completely crashes Makemdl. Waiting...
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    Bizarre animation problem

    Hey all. Long time since I've posted here. Been taking a bit of a break from scenery design to get to know my family again. Recently started playing a bit with GMAX animations. What I'm trying to do is create some glider and tow plane activity around a small glider port so I've created some...
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    Odd problem

    Good question. The user never said whether they're using 02 or 04. It would boggle my mind if anyone was still in 2002. My copy of 2004 cost me 24.95 a year ago. It's probably $15 now if you search around. Art
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    Syncronising movements

    I had the exact same problem trying to create synchronized traffic lights. I used a similar technique where I moved blank planes in front of the lights to turn them on or off. Everything synched fine when viewing it in GMAX but in FS, the timing wacked out. I finally settled on a box with...