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    MSFS Third-party Object Libraries

    Thanks Jon Another senior moment. I was somehow looking for a browse button at the top of the menu, thinking the one at the bottom was somehow associated with thumbnails. Thanks again Iain
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    MSFS Third-party Object Libraries

    Hi I am using the latest version of ADE for MSFS2020 and I am trying to access an installed third-party object library. It is installed in the 'Community' folder, which I understand is the place to put it. I expected I might be able to access the objects through using the ADE Object Library...
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    MSFS Project Saving

    Hi Jon Yes, can confirm, turning off two way editing has done the trick. Polygons and background image now retained in re-opened saved project. Many thanks for your quick response. Iain
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    MSFS Project Saving

    Hi Jon Yes, I have two way editing turned on, however I am not trying, so far, to edit the project within MSFS. I am working only with ADE and the added polygons, I am referring to, do not appear when I re-open my project in ADE. They do not seem to be saved after I have used 'save...
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    MSFS Project Saving

    Hi I am using the 'add polygon' button to create 'flatten' and 'excludes' for an airport scenery. After building and copying the files to MSFS2020 the polygons are working as expected in the sim. However my problem is that after saving the project, on re-opening the project at a later time...
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    ADE Apron linked to Ground Poly - Bug

    Hi I have been making Custom Ground Poly from previously drawn aprons for many years in ADE and I find the easiest way to get rid of the replaced apron is, once the Ground Poly has been completed untick GP Objects from the 'View' drop-down menu and then delete the apron and then turn GP...
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    P3D v4 learning process

    Hi Don I can confirm having the same problem trying to add Blend Outline using your latest version. Went back to previous version to get the job done. Iain
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    ADE and Model (MDL) Files

    Hi Jon I have used your program from day one. I usually add models to projects with Instant Scenery but to try and assist here I have followed the procedure set out in the first post of this thread in adding a model to an airfield I am currently working on. I have compiled and saved the...
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    P3D v4 Help with scenery

    Hi Please keep in mind, for the UK any satellite imagery to be distributed needs to be licensed, freeware or payware. Iain
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    Terrain Sculptor Pro is Available for Evaluation

    Hi Don Appreciate your swift responses. As you say I can carry on with your original Terrain Sculptor, that's not a problem. I shall watch out for further developments. Iain
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    Terrain Sculptor Pro is Available for Evaluation

    Hi Don I am not getting the chance to do anything. As soon as I try to run both Terrain Sculptor and FSX/P3D, to say commence a new project, I am getting the messages. Iain
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    Terrain Sculptor Pro is Available for Evaluation

    Hi Don I am successfully using your version 1.2.09 but I can't get your new Pro version to work. The program starts okay but when I make any attempt to do anything I immediately get an error message as per attached. I have NET.Framework 4.5 installed. Iain
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    Use ADE-GP 2.2.09 for FSX airports developed with ADE 1.75

    Don Many thanks for the quick response. I think the first line of your reply gives me the clarification I was seeking. My apologies, obviously despite monitoring this forum on a very regular basis I have missed your advices on updates which would have confirmed to me that the dll you released...
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    Use ADE-GP 2.2.09 for FSX airports developed with ADE 1.75

    Hi Don At the moment I am using separate ADE_GroundPolys.dll's for latest P3D and for FSX. Can you clarify what your latest development release handles, please. Iain
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    Exporting to MDL

    Hi Thanks to all for help. MCX now working again. Iain