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Recent content by B21-soaring

  1. B21-soaring

    MSFS Ambient Wind Direction

    ... not that easy to work it out in the sim. I think the definitive method would be to see if AMBIENT WIND X reads 0 with AMBIENT WIND DIRECTION set to 0. Alternatively park next to a windsock somewhere where there's a big magnetic deviation and point the aircraft in the same direction as the...
  2. B21-soaring

    MSFS Importing flight plan

    can you clarify the process you're using here? Are you twiddling some fs9gps variables and reading others to get these values, or are you looking at the JS object returned by Coherent.call("GET_FLIGHTPLAN") ? (or maybe something else entirely and I've mis-read your question).
  3. B21-soaring

    MSFS Is it possible to fly-by-wire the ailerons??

    Possibly (but probably not) to answer my own question - my code listed above actually works quite well if I WRITE (A:AILERON TRIM PCT) instead of (A:AILERON POSITION), i.e. I gain significant control of the flight behaviour without introducing the complex conflict with the YOKE variable. +1 TRIM...
  4. B21-soaring

    MSFS Is it possible to fly-by-wire the ailerons??

    In simple model XML code, is it possible to WRITE a value that affects the roll of the aircraft (e.g. A:AILERON POSITION, which is writeable in the SDK) while also READING the yoke position (e.g. (A:YOKE X POSITION) ? I would like to introduce a simple element of fly-by-wire into the aileron...
  5. B21-soaring

    MSFS Do most of the legacy aerodynamics fields not work in the modern FM?

    Thanks guys - the SDK docs do mention the autopilot in a different 'legacy' param but not lift_coef_pitch_rate. CTD occurs both with the semi-colon 'comment' and when the line is deleted. I actually hit the bug because I removed ALL the 'legacy'/'not used by modern flight model' parameters from...
  6. B21-soaring

    MSFS Do most of the legacy aerodynamics fields not work in the modern FM?

    I'm puzzled - in my flight_model.cfg I have modern_fm_only = 1 and my plane flies fine. My MSFS UI Options setting is also for "Flight Model: Modern". BUT if I simply comment out a listed "legacy" parameter lift_coef_pitch_rate then MSFS crashes-to-desktop when I "resync" the plane, and also...
  7. B21-soaring

    MSFS Impossible to trigger some keyboard actions

    Is this MSFS or FSX or P3D (you can set that in an option at the top of your question)? event handing is different in each of those although the XML looks similar. An immediate issue is your (>K:foo) code is TRIGGERING the event foo (because of the > in front of the K), so your update loop is...
  8. B21-soaring

    MSFS Memory sharing in MSFS

    Eric regarding your 'memory sharing', is it possible the technique works between gauges within the same panel.cfg [VCockpit] but not between e.g. [VCockpit01] and [VCockpit02] ? It seems that way to me but I didn't exactly replicate your technique. What I did was: At the top of one gauge HTML...
  9. B21-soaring

    MSFS Memory sharing in MSFS

    yes, asobo-vcockpits-instruments .. FlightElements/FlightPlanManager.js has the following code, and I initially did something similar in my flight plan code: registerListener() { if (this._isRegistered) { return; }...
  10. B21-soaring

    MSFS Memory sharing in MSFS

    If it's any help at all... I use the coherent call in a "Task" class (code below) which loads the MSFS flightplan and creates a local list of "waypoints". The main advantage is the call is asynchronous (that's a plus, keeping the update loop non-blocking) but it returns all the flightplan in a...
  11. B21-soaring

    MSFS Memory sharing in MSFS

    Thanks Eric - does your "SimVarBatch" method involve iterating the FS9GPS vars (i.e. where you update an index and get the waypoint data some time later) or have you invented a way that avoids all that? (I looked for "SimVarBatch" on Google and remarkably absolutely nothing turns up, even the...
  12. B21-soaring

    MSFS Memory sharing in MSFS

    looks pretty neat to me... I guess you have a race between the PFD and the ND for who can reference the other first but can watch out for nulls in the update loops. So far for my stuff (e.g. with a shared FlightPlan, which is not a gauge) the relationships are asymmetric so I can instantiate...
  13. B21-soaring

    MSFS Gauge development workflow

    A big development for HTML/JS since this thread started is the CoherentGT Debugger... That gives you an 'inspect' window similar to the one in Chrome or Firefox to look at the html/css you're manipulating and (woop woop) your console.log() statements write to the embedded console. Another...
  14. B21-soaring

    MSFS Storing time in a local variable

    That's a very good spot - I use E:ABSOLUTE TIME a lot but I've never tried storing it in an L:VAR. A good illustration it's likely to be a word truncation issue is that 63775032020 = 111011011001010010011100001011010100 63775031296 = 111011011001010010011100000000000000 (note the right...
  15. B21-soaring

    Images with MSFS JavaScript or c++?

    If I've understood your requirement correctly, Asobo provide a pair of JS functions to store information from gauges (e.g. preferences is the main thing I use it for): Include.addScript("/JS/dataStorage.js"); And then in your gauge class you can persist string values with...