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    Newbie Question: Simple scenery with static objects

    C-47 static and a lot more! Men u just need MDLtoBGL from our friend Trevor: convert and aircraft into static aircraft, usefull in sceneries. The problem is that you are limited to use FS98 aircrafts. But that s the last solution i can offer to you. Watch my sceneries pics: a lot of...
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    Peruvian Air Force SCENERIES

    Watch pics and get downloads in this link:
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    Native AI Shipping Code

    and... yes sir a lot of moving objects, include elephants. i guess we are gonna need a superb pentium! watch this video of FSX. c yaa.
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    mdl to bgl?

    MDL to BGL 4ever! Hellos guys , i love tu put static aircrafts and objects in my designs, but its a pity that we are limitated to use fs98/fs2000 aircrafts to convert to API. I ll be waiting for any program that could convert a FS2002/fs2004 to API, i guess someone is working on it...