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    FSX 3DS Max, Landing Light 'Animated'

    Check your hierarchy again Bill. Usually this problem stems from the original parent pivot point. For example, if the parent pivot point is not pointing forward in the extended mode then the light attachment effect won't follow suit either. So get the pivot point of the parent (s) pointing in...
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    Possible Virgin Galactic Project

    We, Aeroplane Heaven, produced the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer (Steve Fosset's RTW jet glider record) package for Virgin, a few years ago. The results were good but no money was ever made despite expensive trips to London (we are in Australia) and significant interest by Virgin. The...
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    Prices going up and up... (rant alert)

    As an interesting statistic which can show you the relevant size of the market we are talking about, the ABC audited circulation figures list PC Pilot magazine at 17,245 copies sold every two months.
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    Prices going up and up... (rant alert)

    Damn, back to the drawing board...;)
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    more realistic fan jet animation

    Thanks guys, I will try all suggestions. I know it has been done because I have certain add-ons in my collection that appear to have it taped. FSX defaults are just horrendous aren't they?
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    Prices going up and up... (rant alert)

    Good question. Because it is fun and most have "day" jobs. Look, we've been doing this stuff for 12 years now, many have been doing it longer, so we've learned a lot from our mistakes and found ways through to make it work. All I mean is that there is no simple answer. You MUST be prepared to...
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    more realistic fan jet animation

    Hi all. I expect this has been asked before but does anyone know of the trick to get N1 fan animation to spool up and be more realistic for big jets? The current animation on my N1_still blades is very jerky and does not spool up like the real thing. Anybody help? Baz.
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    Prices going up and up... (rant alert)

    I have had upwards to 100,000 downloads on my freeware stuff over the years and from a reliable, well known, payware developer a success for them is 2,000 sales, which would be about 2% of my freeware. So would this be realistic if the product was a hit? Clutch It is going to depend a...
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    Prices going up and up... (rant alert)

    Nobody ever set the rules in this business and has yet to do so. And that is the problem. Who originally set the "bar" for prices? Who came up with a figure that they thought was adequate? Based on what criteria? If you took a completely dispassionate, commercial approach to the business...
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    Prices going up and up... (rant alert)

    From a developer's perspective, I would like to flag the exchange rate problem here. We are based in Australia. When we started business, the Australian dollar was worth 55 cents US and 33 pence UK. Today we get $1.05 US and 65 pence UK. In terms of real earnings that's a drop in revenue...
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    Modeler/Texturer required

    Hi, We are looking for a quality, experienced modeler and texturer for guaranteed work. Preference given if you do both. The positions are well paid, in cash, no tricky royalties. Work will be on project basis, complete, animated model, exterior and VC, mapped and preferably textured...
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    Fire suppression

    Hi Guys, Has anybody managed to work out how to get the fire suppression levers to work properly and operate in the sim? I've followed the SDK aniimation routines, labelled everything correctly and I still can't get the things to work in the sim. Any ideas please? Thanks, Baz.
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    Scenery wizzkid required

    Hi all, We have a scenery project to create and I need help. Any scenery designers (terrain) and airport/field experts wishing to earn dollars with a payware project, please contact me at Thanks. Baz.
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    Gauge Magician wanted

    Hi people, We are getting a bit swamped at the moment and I am in need of a gauge designer to help out on a glass cockpit for a current project. If there are any takers, please email me on Thanks, Baz.
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    Gear droop

    Advice followed and all is well. Thanks everyone.