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    DOUBLES Lat / Lng / Alt Conversion factors

    These are the old Fixed Point integer values. Lat has 32-bits of integer and 16-bits of fraction. Divide the Fractional part by 65536 (2 to the 16) and then add to the integer part. You should now have meters from equator (+North/-South). Internally we refer to this as a SIF48 (Signed...
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    Are ADF Radios fading out?

    Another use for the ADF radio is to listen to AM radio while flying over some town :->
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    What to do with the gmax Driver Setup?

    GMax gets installed as part of the RTM version of the SDK, so the GMax files are contained within the SDK installer on the FSX Deluxe disc (which is either a .MSI file or a .EXE file, and all the SDK related files are located within that installer file).
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    Flight: I fear

    I don't know where this rumor got started about a bunch of ACES folks going to Lockheed. There's just myself (and I'm a contractor, not a full time) and one 3D artist/GeoData tech.
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    Prepar3d V1.2 Now Available

    And Orbx have released a demo scenery area for use with Prepar3d.
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    Prepar3d V1.2 Now Available

    Hey All Today, Sept 23, 2011, Lockheed Martin Released Version 1.2 of Prepar3d on the Prepar3d Web Site. Here's a link to the Release Notes.
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    FSX with Multiple Viewpoints using Simconnect

    You are using the shortened form of the AddToDataDefinition call, the 5th param would be the data type (See the SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE enum in the SDK) - the default value for this is SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE_FLOAT64 if not specified. Also, bool is a bad C++ var type to use in "sized" data structures...
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    FSX So what else would you do if there were no FS?

    I'd probably write one :->
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    So what else do you do besides developing for FS?

    Wait, what, we're allowed to do something besides write FS related code? (been doing that for 16 of the last 21 years :->)
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    What is going on here?

    The ! operator would only make sense if it was a boolean param, given its an enum type, the ++ would increment through the enum values (hopefully there's a max check in there somewhere :-> ).
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    Making Lights light up the gound.

    The light.n=... line accepts values from 1 to 10 for the light type. See this SDK doc page for the definitions.
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    FSX with Multiple Viewpoints using Simconnect

    The best/easiest way to implement something like this with FSX/ESP would be to write a SimConnect in-proc DLL addon that runs on each of the slave/view machines, and this addon would create two SimConnect connections, a local one to the sim it's running inside of, and a network connection to the...
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    Disable a joystick axis using Simconnect

    How is negative an issue? To convert from an integer joystick axis value to a float (I'm assuming you want a -1 to 1 value range) you just use: float scalar = (float)(int)evt->dwData / 16384.0f; or if you want double instead of float: double scalar = (double)(int)evt->dwData / 16384.0...
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    X-Plane Textures

    Another reason for using the larger textures is to include more texture information in one texture, allowing for a reduction in the number of draw calls required to render the object, maybe that isn't the same performance issue on OpenGL?
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    The 3 SDK tool modules (Object Placement, Traffic Toolbox, & Visual FX Tool) don't use SimConnect to talk to the rest of the sim, they interface with them directly (this is why these 3 tools are version specific and why your SDK version has to match your FSX version).