Black Baron

I was at the german Jagdgeschwader 71"Richthofen"the home of the "Red Baron"
and the best fighter of the world Erich (Bubi) Hartmann (365 shut down in WW 2) in old West Germany.
I have build first the Airfix plastic Airplane Models , later RC Models with Fuel Engine.
At that time I am flying with my FS2004 in the world. The home airport of me is the Airport Duesseldorf (EDDL. Ex home of LTU airways). The nearest airfield is the Dinslaken "Schwarze Heide" Airfield and the home of Extra airplanes of Walter Extra. I dreamed to be an pilot cince I was a young boy or to be an Astronat like Neil or orther...
Now I am retire and I take a look for some airplanes at the airport or airfield.
The latest best for me was to sit down on the pilot seat of the "Transall" in the Airportmuseum of Altenburg.Because I flown with the
"Trall" when I was an soldier by german airforce Luftwaffe. Happy landings... Bernd
19 Oct 1962 (Age: 57)