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  • Forgot Angelo's link: then go to Archive->Lesvos-ChiosDn. He has made the airports, as well, but in a "generic" way.
    It would be excellent if you could place LGMT and Polichnitos on top of his scenery. Of course you don't have to :)
    Please note that most Greek pilots use Angelo Tassoglou photoreal scenery as base scenery, so it would be nice for you to place your LGMT on top of that photoreal stuff.

    P.S.: the Dropbox files will finish uploading tomorrow because my PC will have to go to sleep in a while ;)
    Please tell me if you need any more pictures. You're doing great work.
    There was a team of Greek designers trying to make LGMT and its surroundings in the past. Their scenery is free and I had provided them with plenty of pics, so most of the stuff they have made is nice. I have put their scenery in the Dropbox link as well.
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