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    FSX deteriorating performance.

    video card Just had an incident here, but not only with FSX. my NVidia card is a 8800GTX, and I have just upgraded the drivers. After some time when running graphics intensive applications I get a beeping from the card where previously the PC just rebooted. Much earlier drivers were all OK. I...
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    FSX deteriorating performance.

    poor performance HI, may be "teaching Grandma to suck eggs" here, but have you looked at what else is running when your performance drops. Perhaps a virus scanner as I know this affects my fps, although not to the extent of yours. Try defragging the disk. It may be that the terrain files are...
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    FS Diagnostics Center

    tag line Khaos, Just love your signature tag line:D
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    FS Diagnostics Center

    diagnostics II Bill, Good suggestion. I have found that after adding in some third party stuff FSX occasionally crashes before a proper shutdown. Diagnostic software may also help with this (the MS Event viewer does not help). Also for third party developers it may assist them in debugging...
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    keep that aircraft still

    joystick creep I use the CH products and find that however well you calibrate them, the centre positions for the axes are still only general owing to the inherent vagaries of the construction. My remedy is to disconnect when slewing. Could use the keyboard/joystick toggle I suppose, but never...
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    Multiple selection through the list box Jon, I am aware that 'rubber banding' for multiple selections is on your to-do list. Here is suggestion which may well do the same. I was working on an airport over several sessions during which I changed the default taxiway parameters and ended up with...
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    I Cannot add any of my own XML to the FSX .pln plan?

    Sims, I perhaps oversimplified my response. I was referring to the routing section of the Flightplan (attached is the one I looked at) which I assumed was what you wanted to alter. You do not say what you are trying to achieve though. Obviously elements in the XML not referenced by the...
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    I Cannot add any of my own XML to the FSX .pln plan?

    interesting Sims, Interesting question and something I have been thinking about for use with VoxATC (experimenting). The XML file just seems a collection of waypoint elements following the informational bit, so wonder what you are trying to add. I have a thought: I have several PLN files...
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    Same here Jon, same here - worked fine yesterday. ADE 1.37 still fires up though after message box closed. Edit 16:37 - message crossed with previous advice, now seen sticky. Cheers
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    ADE Aprons

    Fall I don't think we are ever in Fall; it's Autumn in the UK:D
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    Airport Facilitator X

    Afx Hi, I have used AFX for a while now, but get issues when I mix it with ADE, I believe this is because AFX cannot handle some of the FSX functionality. I have not found out what in particular. When starting to edit an airport for the first time I use AFX to accurately place runways...
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    Links to Useful GMAX Video Tutorials

    Another batch David, you just beat me to it as I have been looking for GMAX help. I found the attached site most informative with plenty of GMAX tutorials as well as other stuff. The GMAX texturing video tutorial by Bill Womack is superb.
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    Propellor torque

    Hi, I have a Just Flight PA 38 which I am trying to get more realistic as regards flight dynamics. The major issue is the torque from the propellor. At full power the pull to the left is minimal. I have adjusted the p_torque_on_yaw parameter to 1.5 as suggested elsewhere, but the effect is...
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    Parking Assignments

    missing traffic Andrew, I had a wierd problem with UT X traffic at EGCC. After doing a clean rebuild and re-installing all the traffic bgl's I noticed that EGCC held no traffic at the gates upon starting up. Monitoring the airport showed that AI aircraft subsequently landed, parked, and later...
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    Downloader Failure

    Sorted Martin / Jon, I uninstalled from the 'exe' in the folder; it was not in the Programs and features bit, then deleted the remaining items. A registry check showed no abnormalities. I then reloaded 1.20, applied the 1.30 update, then allowed the automatic 1.35 update. Now where are...