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    [C++] Initilizing a member in the header file

    In your default constructor of "Foo" initialize the bar class. class Foo{ Foo() : bar(42.0) {}; ~Foo() {}; private: Bar bar; }
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    FSX:SE Direct engine parameter manipulation through simConnect

    If you have a totally custom engine model, why are you trying to overwrite the default values? Just make your gauges show the custom model and only "use" the FDE engine model for "thrust". (i.e N1/rpm (indicator of thrust) -> convert to your other values; EGT and etc)
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    (with Ext Wnd) Blank Multi thread D2D gauge template 1.0

    Modified template from Jonathan : Change Log: 1. Adds a Build Config "DebugExe", that allows the project to be build into a EXE. EXE will spawn win32 windows for each gauge display instance. Makes use of...
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    I‘m new in programming Gauges ,asking for help .

    You can use simconnect to extract aircraft positional information, but you cant use it to display moving maps. You will have to develop your own moving map projections, navigation database and etc. The SDK for ESP is outdated if you are developing for P3DV4 and above. You can google the P3D SDK...
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    You guys are smarter than me

    You are not that far off either. Sorry, had to say it! :p
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    P3D v4 GDIPlus PFD Creation

    Basically what the others said. 1. Create a speed tape whether from bitmaps or your own GDI draw code. 2. Create a clip region. of the speed tape border on the PFD. (only where it should be displayed). 3. Slew/Transform based on current airspeed, so the center/indicating airspeed is the current...
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    P3D v4 Any one studied P3D V4 SDK Simple Airplane Example

    Have any one studied P3D V4 SDK Simple Airplane Example? I had a quick look at it, but I am left wondering if LM showed all the equations the sim engine use internally or did they simplify the equations in this example? I suspect its the latter.
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    С++/XML developer for an established company

    Post more information on who you are, or at least offer to provide those details in PM if you are unable to do so privately. Having just one post and recently joining do not give you a lot of credibility.
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    I'm working on aircraft... (2017)

    The E2 is a whole different beast. Different avionics, different FDE etc and the manufacturer has not gotten all the test flight data yet. I believe there is sufficient product differentiation with 2017 visuals (and E175 new Winglet model that the US Regionals are flying now), shared cockpit...
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    I'm working on aircraft... (2017)

    Embraer E17X/19X Series for MSFS (FSX/P3D) Finally firm project with necessary resources to start.
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    P3D v3 Looking for C++ or XML Gauge Developer

    Liam, I don't want to dampen any optimism or enthusiasm early on. That said, do you understand what is the scope of the project you are doing? I suggest you ask questions on why some things have not been done before and be informed, before making a decision to buy models or recruit people. A...
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    C++ Programmers and Modelers/Texturing for Embraer E17x/19x Paid Project

    Modeler and Texturer position is filled.
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    XP11 and MSFS/P3D cross development

    Has anyone started to consider reusing/making models, textures and code cross platform compatible? I cant be the only one thinking there is synergies to be realized here with XP11 slowly taking off.... First though; is there anyone even here from the XP world?
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    C++ Programmers and Modelers/Texturing for Embraer E17x/19x Paid Project

    Work has started on the displays. Position is still open.