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    Of course they wont move. My meaning is you get the data you want (lat, lon, alt. xpndr. etc...) from the itraffic module and you write/draw the tag at the position you want on your radar screen, you can do it entirely in xml.
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    Based on the data extracted from the Itrafficinfo "Roo" can then print with some xml code the information he wants near the position of his choice.
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    I think you can do it in xml by using the ITrafficInfo module custom variables, followed by any Simulation Variable, preceded by the code C (for current aircraft) or S (for selected aircraft), for example: C:ITrafficInfo:S:ATC FLIGHT NUMBER, string C:ITrafficInfo:C:ATC AIRLINE, string you...
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    Linking a C++ gauge to a 3D VC gauge

    If your switches are linked to an xml variable you can use this method You can also trap event or custom events like this
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    Getting the location of C++ gauge

    Just to add something to MGH code , if you dont know the filename of the gauge or if it was changed by the user you can use the following LPTSTR lpszFilePath = new TCHAR[_MAX_PATH]; ::GetModuleFileName((HINSTANCE)&__ImageBase, lpszFilePath, MAX_PATH);
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    FSX How reset FSX variables values between 2 flights

    Changing the flight plan or creating a new one should not reset any sim variables ( only the GPS var are changed) . Its up to you to detect any change in the flight plan and reset your own variables. (Un changement de plan de vol ne doit en aucun cas faire une remise a zero de variables...
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    FSXA Load station (no error, but not working)

    Try to use pound or pounds or lbs
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    Traffic - SimConnect - Creation of

    Discussion thread for Traffic - SimConnect - Creation of. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
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    FSXA Coding gauge

    :eek: I must strongly disagree with the above statement, the Dai Griffiths "DragonFlight Design FS2K+/CFS+ C- Language Gauge Creation" is at least for me one of the bible in gauge creation David, if you want to develop gauges the first document to read is the FSX SDK, then the MSDN ESP...
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    generate ai object

    There can be thousands of reason why a code wont work. I suggest you check the result returned by all simconnect functions since you store it in a HRESULT but never check if something went wrong. I also advise you to turn on the simconnect log and see if your calls are well received by the sim.
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    generate ai object

    The SDK provides all the documentation and samples you need for that purpose The SimConnect_AICreateEnrouteATCAircraft function is used to create an AI controlled aircraft that is about to start or is already underway on its flight plan...
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    FSXA Gauges in multiplayer shared cockpit

    My tests showed the following results L: variables in multiplayer shared cockpit are transferred , unfortunately at a very slow speed, sometime more than 10 mn for one variable. The more L: var then the more slow it will be. Using the FS10 Gauge header and the serialized callback...
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    FSXA Fuel Flow

    (A:TURB ENG FUEL FLOW PPH:1, pounds per hour) should give you a reading for engine 1
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    FSXA Control Fueling Tanker drop fuel boom based on altitude

    George You are on the good way by considering simconnect in a gauge. I have done a test similar to what you want to do for a F-15E. I used a special model and coded the animation of the boom to react to some Simvar of the plane. ( Up, down, Left/ Right Extend/Rectract ). Then with simconnect...
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    problems getting variables

    SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObjectType will send the requested data once only, you will have to send the request again if you need more data