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    MSFS Test Please

    Yes, can confirm works for me. W10 21H
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    SDK 0.14

    Its fixed now.
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    SDK 0.14

    That's good news, Thanks Jon.
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    SDK 0.14

    Seems strange as the installer discusses having disk space and choosing where to put it!
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    SDK 0.14

    I just need to install the SDK in my D drive so I need to select this but the browse button is greyed out. We had a similar thing when an Options button was used to enable selection of location, many people missed this. .?
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    SDK 0.14

    Having downloaded the latest SDK, the installer Browse button is greyed out so I can't select my desired location, anyone else?
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    ADE crashes with new MSFSF2020 update

    The problem is the install package which suggests the default install directory is C:\MSFS SDK ! (note space!) Up to the last version the package also made it clear how to change this path but the last version caught many people out by hiding the option under a button called "Options"...
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    ADE crashes with new MSFSF2020 update

    I can't believe this......
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    Blender Newbie -Hints appreciated

    Thanks for your help. I found a model on the web to purchase in the end. I will try your suggestions on my next project. Much appreciated.
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    MSFS No clouds in MSFS (solved)

    How do you RESET it?
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    SDK & update

    SDK 0.12.0 can be installed in any desired location as before. Check the options button on the first page of the installer!
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    MSFS Can't add models (.glTF files) to models list for project

    Yes, but I don't have an extra folder called ip_woodfence for example,under Modelib and mine still works.Agreed on textures folder.
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    MSFS Can't add models (.glTF files) to models list for project

    I also loaded your model OK. Just to be clear....My folder structure is AirportName/PackageSources/ModeLib/pierLP.xml,pierLP.bin,pierLP.gitf/ Texture. The Texture folder is on the level with the model. Your folder structure doesn't appear to be that, you have a pierLP folder under Modelib but...
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    MSFS Can't add models (.glTF files) to models list for project

    I am not an expert but have you ticked the model box in the project properties dialogue?
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    MSFS Taxiway bridge - how to make the plane taxi over it?

    I notice at airports in the sim that the plane does a similar thing over bridges. EHAM is one example. Not sure if you can solve it or not.Can you use apron?