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Recent content by Christian Bahr

  1. Christian Bahr

    Blender Quest for Animated People - distorted animation in MSFS

    Oh holy shit, how awesome is that 🤣🤣🤣 It's absolutely awesome that I can still experience something like that ... just fantastic. I've always been waiting for this 😊 Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
  2. Christian Bahr

    MSFS The port of Hamburg in MSFS

    You have to meet the complete registration requirements! This includes your full first and last name, your full home address and your full date of birth. This allows Manfred to investigate whether you have given your real name or a fake name. Only then will you have access to the download.
  3. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Dortmund for the MSFS (WIP)

    Hi! We decided that right at the beginning when we started with the Airport EDLW. The entire package, consisting of the Dortmund EDLW Airport, the Dortmund Landmarks and the small Hengsen-Opherdicke EDIU Airfield, is published as freeware. It is our largest and so far most complex project. At...
  4. Christian Bahr

    MSFS TIN exclusion Polygon

    Hi Garry, you can always be relied on :wave: I think I got a little closer to the problem. As it currently looks, it is not due to the described polygon that excludes the TIN. It seems to be due to the runway, because if I play something with the parameters there, then my terrain is shown to me...
  5. Christian Bahr

    MSFS TIN exclusion Polygon

    Hi all, i need some help I am struggling with a problem and the problem is called Vector Data. On an airfield (EDIU) that I am working on there is a polygon with the property that it excludes the TIN below. The properties of the polygon: noTin airport airportSize=XS The debug mode shows...
  6. Christian Bahr

    open door hangar

    I'm not sure if he's represented here in the forum. I was concerned with this statement: The statement was not correct, because it is possible to open and close a hangar door depending on the distance of the user aircraft. I didn't really want to say more :)
  7. Christian Bahr

    open door hangar

    Hi Garry. First of all, the hangar is a Simobject and the animation it contains is a simple keyframe animation. So nothing special. What is special, however, is the method with which the gates are triggered. The key word here is WebAsseblyModul, or WASM for short. The control code itself is...
  8. Christian Bahr

    open door hangar

    Hi. There are no miracles in a flight simulator. But there are realities ;) One of these realities created by the Asobo developers is the possibility of triggering an animation depending on the distance of the animated object. This very short demonstration video shows how the gates of a hangar...
  9. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Setting up Viewport Materials

    Hi! If your 3-D model has PBR textures, please try to adjust the settings of the viewport shader. In the representation of the viewport, the shader can be determined using the 3dsm MSFS plug-ins. In the example shown you can see a character that is equipped with PBR textures, the shader setting...
  10. Christian Bahr

    MSFS 3-D Lights in MSFS

    The glass on the taxi lamp is made of a mesh with shell modifier. The material is MSFS glass material, the alpha value of the base color is important here. All necessary settings can be seen in the screenshot:
  11. Christian Bahr

    MSFS 3-D Lights in MSFS

    Hi David. Yes it is. The 3-D model of the taxi lamp was created by myself, with MSFS PBR material and a "real" glass body. Take a look at the documentation and look for lightrows and presets ;)
  12. Christian Bahr

    What in the world am I doing wrong!

    Thank you Dick for your explanations and of course a big thank you for the test files! :)
  13. Christian Bahr

    Help with services.xml

    Hi, feedback from me. It finally worked, the little pushbackers and the airport workers are gone: It was due to an undefined type of medium parking spot (RAMP_GA_MEDIUM). The XML file looks like this, maybe it will help one or the other: <SimBase.Document Type="ServiceFile">...
  14. Christian Bahr

    Help with services.xml

    Thank you both for the answers. Now I had changed the value "frequency=0.0" to "frequency=0", but it didn't work. I tried this file for another test, but it didn't help either: <SimBase.Document Type="ServiceFile"> <Service.ParkingSpaceServices> <ParkingSpace name ="RAMP GA"...
  15. Christian Bahr

    Help with services.xml

    Because my airport doesn't have an airport service.