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  1. CrashGate3

    How would i do this? "W" style wall

    Have two seperate models with different textures and use them at diffrent LODs. Up close use polygons for the wavy surface, but at a distance you can fake it with textures.
  2. CrashGate3

    Some questions about LOD-objects

    2004 gamepack and fs9. Aha, got it now. I had to change the LODs to something like 700, 800 and 900 to see any changes. Are there any detail settings in FS that affect the LOD-change distance, as this seems really high?
  3. CrashGate3

    Some questions about LOD-objects

    Bumpity-bump... :D My first time trying LODs. I've made three different models, and moved bits about temporarily so i can see them changing. They're called Terminalsigns_LOD_010, Terminalsigns_LOD_050 and Terminalsigns_LOD_100. They're all in the same scene in gmax and I'm exporting them...
  4. CrashGate3

    Wits end

    You shouldn't need to put any kind of suffix on the texture. Things to check: The material has the texture map applied to the 'diffuse' attribute. The material is actually applied (sounds obvious, but I've made this mistake before) The texture is placed in the 'texture' folder of your...
  5. CrashGate3


    If your taxilines are too wide and you've already made them all, a slightly cheating way of making them all thinner is to just make the edges of the texture transparent.
  6. CrashGate3

    Madeira (LPMA) update

    Best of all I got it freeeeee... :D The advantages of relatives doing 3D design courses..
  7. CrashGate3

    Reflective Textures for Scenery Objects

    Aha! I needed to change the TEXTURE_BUILDING, not TEXTURE2_REFLECT. Also, the fact that the specular map is white = non-reflective, black = reflective threw me for a while. Sorted it now, thanks :)
  8. CrashGate3

    Reflective Textures for Scenery Objects

    Nope. Can't get it to work. I realise I was doing it wrong before, but I've tried following the instructions above and all I get is a transparent building. I apply the same texture to both the diffuse and specular maps, and export the object deleting the .mdl created and keeping the asm...
  9. CrashGate3

    One line or three lines??

    Try it with one line. If you can't get the shape right like that, then it shouldn't be too hard to change it to three if you keep the original spline.
  10. CrashGate3

    Reflective Textures for Scenery Objects

    Bumping this rather than create a new one :) I'm trying to get some windows to reflect using a specular map and the fs2004 gamepack. I've applied the specular map to the 'specular' property of the material, the one directly under the 'diffuse' box. I userstand I then need to go into the...
  11. CrashGate3

    Gmax file fails to open! Please tell me all isnt lost!

    I've had bad files using both opening methods.
  12. CrashGate3

    Gmax file fails to open! Please tell me all isnt lost!

    A habit I've got into is whenever I save in gmax, I immediately go to 'open' and select the file I've just saved (don't actually open it though). If its been damaged, the thumbnail won't display in the file browser and you can just save it again - usually it saves ok the second time.
  13. CrashGate3

    Madeira (LPMA) update

    Yes, they're all rendered - I'm not *that* good at drawing.. :D 3DSMax has a 'render to texture' function that will take an existing texture map, and 'bake' the light and shadow onto it from the scene you place it in.
  14. CrashGate3

    Madeira (LPMA) update

    Couple more shots:
  15. CrashGate3

    simple PAPI if you got groundtextures?

    No, as far as I'm aware, there's no way to get default PAPIs to show through groundpolys. Could you cut a hole in the groundpoly for the PAPI to show through and blend the edges into the default ground texture with an alpha channel? If the default ground and groundpoly colours are similar...