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Recent content by Cygnific

  1. Cygnific

    World Update 8 Bloatware

    While checking out what you mentioned I've come across this in LPFR_JETWAY.cfg DistanceToNotAnimate=10000 That's a whole lot of distance to animate Jetways.
  2. Cygnific

    MSFS All LODs being rendered at once

    And what happens if you just use the original model and copy them to lod1 lod2? No idea if this works.
  3. Cygnific

    MSFS Why are the CGL-files this large?

    It's photoscenery data for the layout.
  4. Cygnific

    MSFS Sim Freezes on Building Scenery (Steam Version)

    MS Store, maybe that's the problem..
  5. Cygnific

    MSFS Sim Freezes on Building Scenery (Steam Version)

    Can't help you with that, sorry. :/ I followed the structure of the examples and worked fine, but get that error when the folder structure isn't 100% same.
  6. Cygnific

    DEV MODE issues (dont load textures)

    That tag can be a problem sometimes. If you forget to enable it and find weird graphics issues after a restart thinking it's your pc that has a problem, but forgot you untagged that feature. :D
  7. Cygnific

    MSFS Sim Freezes on Building Scenery (Steam Version)

    You can get that error if your folder structure isn't right. Did you build a example to be sure everything works? Else you can try "Process Monitor" from Sysinternals to maybe find the/a problem.
  8. Cygnific

    MSFS Red text and symbols

    In developer mode menu > options > untag world options.
  9. Cygnific

    MSFS Load new scenery package without restarting sim

    Nice tip, i'm going to try that and see how that works out. ADE looks easier to handle for now, because EHEH airport doesn't have the runway, taxiway, parking etc. added in the sim and devmode is complicated. Adding the runway was easy though, but the rest is a pain. :)
  10. Cygnific

    MSFS Load new scenery package without restarting sim

    Good for them. :) Its kinda bad, i'd rather have a normal 3d view with top-right-front and properties at the sides.