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    P3D v4 PBR Object only showing diffuse color instead of texture

    I noticed this as well while experimenting. I had converted one of my models to PBR materials but couldn't figure out why the wings were fine but the fuselage was much darker. Turned out the base material for the wings was set for 255, 255, 255, but the fuselage was something like 150, 150, 150.
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    Congrants Arno

    Congratulations Arno. Well deserved indeed.
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    MCX with P3D v4.3, P3D v4.4 & P3D v4.5

    You can have both PBR and non- PBR materials in the same model, not a problem.
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    P3D v4 MCX to Max

    Yes. All 3d objects are made from triangles, it's just that some lines are usually hidden.
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    3dsMax 'Selection Lock Toggle'

    I don't know what version of Max you have, but on mine there is an isolate button at the bottom of the screen, looks like a light bulb.
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    3dsMax 'Selection Lock Toggle'

    Additional: if you want to lock other objects to prevent selection or editing, you can "freeze" them instead.
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    3dsMax 'Selection Lock Toggle'

    No, it works the other way around. You select the object you're working on and then lock to prevent you selecting anything else. It locks you to that object.
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    P3D v4 Dark diffuse in PBR texture

    Can you post a screenshot of the material settings from MCX.
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    Best modeling program and newbie help/advice

    My comment was mainly meant as tongue-in-cheek, sorry if it wasn't seen that way.
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    Best modeling program and newbie help/advice

    If anyone ever does write a book on the subject, they'll probably make a fortune!
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    MCX check for updates not working?

    Don't you just love Windows 10! I'll check the notification settings when I'm next in the pc.
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    MCX check for updates not working?

    Hi Arno, is the "check for updates" function working? I know there have been several updates to MCX recently, but I've not had the "update available" prompt when starting MCX recently. Both "CheckForUpdateAtStartUp" and "CheckForUpdateUnstable" are set to "true" in options.
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    P3D v4 3ds Max PBR Materials Opacity Map?

    That's strange, mines the other way around! Lol.
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    P3D v4 3ds Max PBR Materials Opacity Map?

    I think your viewport settings need to be set to the highest quality, "realistic" I think it's called. (not at the pc to check)
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    Reflections on everything!

    You're right, there is a "DXT5_NM XY 8bpp - using DXT5". Just experimented a bit more, & seems the original "DXT5 ARGB 8bbp" can be opened in imagetool if it's saved with mipmaps.