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    P3D v3 SpeedTree: Have you tried this?

    Hi, I saw FlyTampa-Corfu is using SpeedTrees. I don't remember where I saw that exactly, but anyways... I saved a photo of the FlyTampa Configurator. But apparently, this feature has a bad effect on FPS:
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    Can AI ships be used as library objects with ADE?

    Yes you can do that by going to ADEX->Tools->Library Object Manager then you add your library ships. After that, you "right" click where you want to put your ships and you choose: Add...->Library Object. Now you choose your library from the list then copy and paste it where you want your library...
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    GP Question

    Ok I'm here!
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    GP Question

    Tekica123, I said try not to add mipmaps. I mean don't add mipmaps Bro!
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    Ground Poly Problem

    Ok I replied to your post there. Have a try!
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    GP Question

    I think, If you want the GP to appear not blurry, then you don't have to make "Mipmaps" for you textures while converting them. But I could be wrong. I'm not sure of this so I'm really sorry
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    Ground Poly Problem

    I'm really sorry, I didn't understand what you mean exactly. Where did you test it? inside ModelConverterX ? BTW: The video you uploaded is not working I don't know why. I'm really sorry because I couldn't help you in time.
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    Disappearance of objects from certain angles

    Hi, I encountered a problem after I placed my Street Lights using XML Placement. The problem was as the following: * The Street Lights disappear from certain angles and then re-appear if I change my angle of view. NOTE: Reference point is centered in the middle of the object. Any...
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    Taxiway Lines

    Hi, I don't think it's gonna Flicker because I already made my Taxi Lines and I had some Overlapping Lines the same way as your pictures without any problem! So you don't have to worry about. First, try to Export them using FS Ground Poly Wizard in ModelConverterX... If you notice any...
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    XML Placement or Whole Model Placement?

    Hi Guys, I'm just wondering if XML Placement of a model affects the FPS badly as Placing the whole model does? For example: If you have to place hundreds of street lights in your scenery, which is better?: 1- To use one street light library and place it many times using XML? or: 2- To...
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    FSXA How to export Animated Flag?

    Thank you for replies Arno and Jtanabodee! So this means that this technique can't be used in FSX. BTW: I've seen before animated flags and windsocks on FlyTampa Sydney Airport... If you have any other ways to make animated flag, then Please let me know how to do that, or guide me through a...
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    FSXA How to export Animated Flag?

    Thank you for your reply Arno, I mentioned at the beginning of the thread that I've followed a tutorial found in YouTube to make animation. This tutorial shows you how to animate the flag (plane at the beginning) using the Cloth Modifier and Wind, and after you configure your wind...
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    FSXA Offset lines between ground polygons

    I think you mean the white lines between textures? If so, then the Unwrap UVW Modifier should work in this case. You shouldn't use the outer pixels! This should solve the problem.
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    FSXA How to export Animated Flag?

    Thank you for your reply Tic, OK I delete the prefix "tick18_" but the other steps are correct (Perhaps). I've done how you asked me to do exactly. Here are the steps I followed from A to Z: Step1: Step2: Step3: "Xanim file size is 1KB, is this normal?" Then I used a batch file...
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    FSXA How to export Animated Flag?

    Should I make bones for the flag?