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    FSX:SE Need reliable way of knowing when the loading stops and sim begins

    Put a counter in PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_DRAW or the callback function for a visible gauge element? You could zero the counter in PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_INITIALIZE or on the SimStop event.
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    FSX:SE Check the Camera - internal or external view?

    SimConnect_SubscribeToSystemEvent will do it for you.
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    FSX XML Coding Question

    The values returned by the event logger are decimal, not hex. Also, If you want to use the values returned in a trap, you'll need to add 65536 to them, so you probably want: <Keys> <On Event="65566"> (>K:PAUSE_TOGGLE) </On> </Keys> or <Keys> <On Event="0x1001E"> (>K:PAUSE_TOGGLE) </On> </Keys>
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    P3D v4 Is this var still broken for sims FSX+ ?

    It's not broken. They just changed the units from "pounds per gallon" to "pounds"
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    FSX [c++] for-loop to generate strings?

    The straight answer to your question is no, you can't do that.
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    P3D v4 Throttle/Mixture overwrite using simConnect. Problem: FSUIPC

    I expect that FSUIPC is throwing THROTTLE_SET, rather than AXIS_THROTTLE_SET. That would be why you're not capturing events when the user has calibrated with FSUIPC. Doug
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    Classes in gauges [Solved]

    You've declared the constructor as taking 4 input arguments, so your declaration getLatLonDist distance(); will fail. This is what is getting you in trouble: getLatLonDist::getLatLonDist(double latitudeA, double latitudeB, double longitudeA, double longitudeB) { lat1 = latitudeA; lat2 =...
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    FSX New Panels & Question

    It certainly wouldn't hurt to asked the developer for permission. While extent can certainly be argued, I don't think there is any question that existence of after-market 2D panels will make a given add-on aircraft more marketable. I certainly stopped buying add-on aircraft when 2D panels...
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    Classes in gauges [Solved]

    What happens if you ignore the petulance of Intellisense and just bash on regardless: double ThisDistance = distance.calc_distance(W,X,Y,Z); My experience has been that Intellisense isn't really. It is rather easily confused by changes to your code. I find myself manually deleting the huge...
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    Set of gauges run for all aircraft without panel.cfg entries?

    This is really the sort of thing that should be done with a dll module. With gauges (even C gauges) the only way they run is if they are listed in panel.cfg.
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    Handling Multiple DSD Sound Gauges

    Are you using the same stock variable names for the volume, pan and frequency controls in each gauge? If so, change the names in one gauge or the other.
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    Handling Multiple DSD Sound Gauges

    Yes, you can set things up with two gauges and two ini files. Flip me a link and I'll have a look at it. Doug
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    Handling Multiple DSD Sound Gauges

    There will only be a conflict if the gauges have the same name. For a generic solution such as you have here, pick a name for the gauge that matches it and you should be good. Keep in mind that the numbering you see in the ini files is only a way to match the LVars with the sound files, within...
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    Paid Training/Assistance

    It's not at all unreasonable to ask. That doesn't mean that anyone will have the answer you are looking for. There isn't a textbook on sim aircraft design. There are SDK's available, but they are targeted squarely at people who already know what they are doing. They can be pretty tough going...
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    FS2004 Gauges to trigger playing sounds

    These are available in P3Dv4: REALISM CRASH WITH OTHERS True indicates crashing with other aircraft is possible. Bool N - REALISM CRASH DETECTION...