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    Transparent texture problem

    I updated to the latest P3D v5 this afternoon and tried exporting one of my F-15 Eagles using the v5 SDK - same problem, transparencies almost invisible. It seems to me that the new version only wants PBR materials, as specular and bump maps also fail to display correctly. On PBR aircraft, bumps...
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    Transparent texture problem

    I'm not sure - I use Blender so there is no dedicated v5 exporter yet that I'm aware of. As long as you back up your original files it's probably worth a shot.
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    DC Designs Concorde ( FSX, P3D & FS2020 )

    This one's already been let out of the bag with announcements and pieces on various news outlets, but thought I'd start a thread here anyway as it's super-cool and my first commercial airliner project. Not a study-level version though ( I'll leave that to FSLabs ), but with plenty of...
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    Transparent texture problem

    The problem seems to involve the new Environmental Lighting setting, which is tagged as "beta" in the sim. Switch it off, and transparencies seem to work more or less normally. Turn it on, and they present bugs. I don't have a solution to this, as the sim effectively has two different lighting...
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    Bad Day at Black Rock

    @Paul Domingue Hope that you get everything sorted Paul, that's an awful thing to have to go through. My Windows 10 also BSODs every couple of days, despite all drivers being up to date and the whole system kept top-notch. Very frustrating, but of course, as far as Microsoft is concerned, it's...
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    DC Designs F-15 Eagles package

    I'm delighted to report that the F-15 Eagles package is now available from Just Flight, hope everybody enjoys them! Be aware that there is an FSX ( 32-bit ) version and a P3D ( 64-bit ) version so make sure you grab the right one for you. Link is to the P3D version...
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    I'm working on aircraft... (2020)

    DC Designs general plans for 2020 - subject to change but I normally follow through and finish what I started; BAC Concorde ( P3D and FS2020 - FSX maybe but don't anybody hold your breath ) Grob 120 TP " Prefect" ( P3D and FS2020 ) Grumman F-14A / D Tomcats ( FS2020 ) Grumman Mallard ( FS2020 )...
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    DC Designs FA-18E / F and EA-18G Super Hornet package for FSX / P3D / X-Plane

    Thanks for the kind words! I'm afraid that I didn't start using Blender a year ago. I started one year ago :duck: I started developing freeware in April 2017, working on a P-61 Black Widow using FSDS 3.5.1, but then progressed to Blender at the start of 2019. My Super Hornets were my first...
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    DC Designs FA-18E / F and EA-18G Super Hornet package for FSX / P3D / X-Plane

    Groom Lake Simulations have done dozens of them, well worth checking out. Hope you enjoy the Hornets :)
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    DC Designs F-15 Eagles package

    The Eagle has landed! All work completed, the package will join Just Flight's release schedule on Monday. I'll post when they're available, hopefully won't be too long.
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    What is your personal fave flight simulator?

    I'm all for the new MSFS also, nothing else comes close I'm afraid, even without VR ( and I'm a total VR nut ). Prior to that, it was P3D v4.5 - v5 looks promising to surpass it, but it's not quite there yet.
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    DC Designs F-15 Eagles package

    Much work done since I last posted here, all aircraft nearing completion now.
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    P3D v4 Project Denmark

    Wow, incredible work yet again @MatthiasKNU !! :)
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    P3D v4 Blender Bare Metal Mirrored Canopy Surface Material/Texture

    The quickest way would be to use the Specular alpha to kill off the reflectivity, so full-black for the internal UV map area. Alternatively, as you mentioned you could just split off the internal section and assign a different material to it, with non-reflective properties, but if necessary...
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    DC Designs F-15 Eagles package

    :cool: Burners!! External models now complete, working on the VCs for the next couple of weeks.