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    Import Google Maps 3D objects

    instead, I know another program that so far no reported severe bugs:
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    Import Google Maps 3D objects

    This program has problem with several GPU, hope that you are not using one of these GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 745 Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 (to be checked) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (to be checked) AMD Radeon HD7000 Series (tested in a A10 APU) AMD Radeon R9 290 Intel...
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    How to make this 3d in xplane?

    This can download 3d maps: How to move it to xplane? The only problem is how to combine multiple textures into one file. And, i suggest commanding the program to download octant level 16's data, and type 19 in the line "node dump_obj.js"...
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    I dont want robotic voice

    I recently developed a windows form application that allows users to speaks in vatsim or ivao by typing. However, it sounds robotic because it is using the voice of system.speech (and the voice synthesizer). I know the voice synthesizer can replace the default voice with whatever voice packs I...
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    FS2020 seems to be a game, but not simulator

    Hope that cloud streaming is not a must, I do not think every player have a good network. If regions where a flight will fly-by can be downloaded and stored locally will be great. I bet if Lockheed Martin and Austin Meyer have better sceneries, they will win Microsoft because of their addon...
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    FS2020 seems to be a game, but not simulator

    The first look of this simulator is great, they say they emphasize on the word "simulator", but... I personally feel like it is for gamers, but not simmers, and if it is like Microsoft Flight, where addon developers have to sell addons with a lot of restrictions, and are forced to use their...
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    Put 50000 houses to fsx

    wow, thats crazy, so that means if i dont want to include autogen, having minimum amount of texture sheets, a lot of batching, simple houses shape is already ok to make a heavy scene having high fps?
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    do you combine mesh

    Yeah, I mean 3d objects but not the Elevation data.
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    do you combine mesh

    In other well known platforms like Unity, people combine mesh to improve performance. In FSX P3D, can mesh combining improve performance too? Can it reduce draw calls?
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    Combining BGL files improves frame rate?

    If I have 100 terrain files, will combining them to 10 large files improves frame rate? If I combined, FSX has to load larger photos, it may take longer time, but only a limited draw call. However, if there is a lot of files, there may be a lot of draw calls. Which one is right? And is it the...
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    Put 50000 houses to fsx

    Is it possible to put 50000 houses to fsx? Houses are not complicated, just a rectangle.
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    Worth to make a library?

    I have to model some similar objects in the scenery, oil tanks for examples. Is it worth to make a library for them? Can a library improve performance?
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    terrain mesh fsx

    I have successfully turned geotiff images to BGL files now, but the scenery is flat. What can I do to create a mesh from open street map or simply myself? I know FreeMeshX but I do not want to use it.
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    JPEG compression support is not configured

    When I place a jpeg converted GeoTiff file to fsx resample.exe, it ends up with the error: "JPEG compression support is not configured." What can I do so that I can still use my GeoTiff files? Below is the geotiff file that I want to become BGL file
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    Kansai scenery finding people

    I am actually in a team of three developing the city around Kansai. Versions are including fsx p3dv4. The style is like the famous Manhattan City scenery, which is accurate and realistic. If you are willing to join, please pm me, even you dont know modeling.