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Recent content by Destroyer121

  1. Destroyer121

    MSFS C-17 Globemaster (Freeware)

    New seats
  2. Destroyer121

    And the Freeware C-17

    And the Freeware C-17
  3. Destroyer121

    MSFS C-17 Globemaster (Freeware)

    How it is going (Only renders, darn game has not started for two weeks now) New HUD mount (Finished) New Overhead (Modelling complete) New AP Panel (XML scripting incomplete, need my game to work)
  4. Destroyer121

    MSFS C-17 Globemaster (Freeware)

    How it started:
  5. Destroyer121

    MSFS C-17 Globemaster (Freeware)

    I have gotten permission from UKMIL to use their mesh in a C-17 Globemaster. I have had to re-animate everything, and work around game issues (Sigh...) You can download it here https://flightsim.to/file/12408/msfs-native-c-17-globemaster
  6. Destroyer121

    MSFS MV-22B Osprey Release 2.0

    I agree, having messed around with VTOL on the F35 using a combination of a rotated engine and a gauge controlling said engine, it sure is jerky. (Better than what FlightSimSquadron has done, with all respects) Given time, with a wasm gauge it might be possible, but it will still be clunky. I...
  7. Destroyer121

    MSFS Airbus H-135 Helicopter

    Today, our H-135 has passed a huge milestone: It is now the most downloaded add-on released for MSFS, with over 64 Thousand downloads. This is absolutely mind boggling, we never expected it to get so popular! We are not done yet, of course. We have so many things we want to do, and we are exited...
  8. Destroyer121

    MSFS Flight Model Bending - The Graf Zeppelin (II)

    Right now, for flight under 60-or-so kts, our module nearly replaces the MSFS model, and over that it is intertwined. Even under 60kts, there still is some presence of the "default" model, as it is impossible to completely rid of it. I am pretty sure that is what that other Payware dev is doing...
  9. Destroyer121

    MSFS MV-22B Osprey Release 2.0

    If you need any help with the flight model for MSFS, I am glad to assist! The osprey looks great already!
  10. Destroyer121

    Air Force T-6 file

    Sure, I'd love to take a look at it.
  11. Destroyer121

    MSFS gear animation don't work in sim | please help

    As far as the animation itself, is it 200 frames total, with 0-100 being retraction and 100-200 being extension? When building the package, do you get any errors? In your contact points, are their gear points, and is their retraction method correct (IE If it is electrical does it get...
  12. Destroyer121

    Air Force T-6 file

    Does it have animations? What modeling software has it been made it? I would love to see a texan in MSFS as well.
  13. Destroyer121

    MSFS Helicopters in MSFS with aircraft Flight Models

    There is also this one https://flightsim.to/file/8970/airbus-h135-helicopter-project , that I am working on.
  14. Destroyer121

    MSFS Flight Model Bending - The Graf Zeppelin (II)

    Helis can indeed be used in MSFS, with some editing. My team's H-135 uses a module that runs alongside it that simulates the helicopter-specific flight variables, and it works like a charm! I think that a blimp could be even more realistic in flight, as the inputs are slow, perfect for the low...