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    Purging all thumbnails from ADE

    Hi, I have ADE 1.75 and it is a great product...thanks for the hard work! However, I built my own set of objects and placed them in a single BGL library. I created thumbnails from modelconverterx and placed them into the ADE 175/FSX/thumbs folder and it works fine. It shows images on the...
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    MCX Batch Converter Wizard never asks me for any other information than what is on the batch converter screen. I appreciate your help.
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    MCX Batch Converter Wizard

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    MCX Batch Converter Wizard

    I didn't set anything in MCX I just opened it and went straight to the wizard for batch convert and loaded the .dae files from sketchup. In one case the two textures applied in sketchup were 512x512 and 713x512 respectively. In the second case I got the same error with a second .dae but which...
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    MCX Batch Converter Wizard

    I have six very simple .dae files from sketchup that I want to batch convert and subsequently place into an object library. I can load them one at a time and manually step through the process of creating a .mdl file and then subsequently putting them into a library and then testing their...
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    FSX MCX FSX Built-in Light Function displaying at night

    Thanks Arno...I have stumbled on an explanation. I was testing my scenery in FSX flying the UKMIL Gazelle helicopter so I could hover around the object (and practice aircraft control). I switched to an external view (rather than virtual cockpit) and the effects did appear at night! In fact...
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    FSX MCX FSX Built-in Light Function displaying at night

    Hi, I want to add some "collision avoidance" lights on buildings near the runway. I build the model is sketchup, exported it and loaded into MCX and now want to use MCX to place simple lights and a "rotating beacon". Using the built-in effects function I was able to place one white light and...
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    Problem with XtoMDL

    I get virtually the same error when I try to output to MDL. I used dxdiag.exe on Windows 8.1 and it says I have DirectX 11 installed. Some other software forums seem to indicate there are some DLLs missing from the install that are needed. I can install the DirectX SDK but it talks about...