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    Extracting gauge informations from FSX

    Not sure if I understand your question but i'll give it a shot. You can't extract local gauge variables from Flight Simulator using FSUIPC. You can find everything you CAN extract using FSUIPC in the "FSUIPC Offsets" pdf document that comes with it. If you can't find what you need there try to...
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    FSX FSUIPC Update values - C

    I just started using FSUIPC. I am trying to create a table in C that acquires a series of variables from FSX (latitude, longitude, altitude, aicraft type, flight number). I can get all the parameters fine but I don't know how to make it so that they are updated at a specific rate. Can anyone...
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    FSX Simconnect Tutorials?

    Ok thanks!:) One last question (hopefully) where exactly should I place the EXE.xml, DLL.xml and SimConnect.xml files? The Simconnect overview tells me: ...But I have Vista... Never mind... The Search Engine in Vista is terrible I found it manually in 2 seconds under: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX
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    FSX Simconnect Tutorials?

    preferably C or C++
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    FSX Simconnect Tutorials?

    Does anybody know of any straightforward Simconnect tutorials? I can't grasp much by trying to read the enormous document that came with the SDK. The URLs to Simconnect tutorials I found on similar forum posts were all broken:confused:
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    FSX UseTransparency in FSX schema?

    Thanks, I tried using that but for some reason I couldn't get transparency to work in Images that were associated with a Mask Image. Is there a limit to how many mask images can be added to a gauge?
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    FSX Waypoint Alert

    Thanks! I don't know how I missed that :o
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    FSX UseTransparency in FSX schema?

    I was just wondering what would be the translation of " UseTransparency="Yes" " to FSX schema. I can't find anything in the Ace Tool that would allow me to define a mask image with that property. And without this property the image within the mask doesn't appear to be transparent in RGB 0,0,0...
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    FSX Waypoint Alert

    I am trying to create a Way Point ALERT flag that goes off when the next way point is less than 4 miles away. But when I add a seemingly basic piece of code the entire gauge disappears:confused:... I really have no idea why. Here is what is ruining my entire instrument: <Element...
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    Gauges with Number strips

    Turns out when I used (A:Indicated Altitude:2, feet) } 100 / flr (14.34) flr = And got the value displayed it did return 14, not 4. So it didn't read the 'ones value' but rather just rounded up to nearest integer smaller than the number. Here's a little code I wrote to get just the 4...
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    FS2004 Integration of XML Variable and Aplications as FS Module

    Cmte Vieira, Voce poderia postar sua pergunta em portugues? Acho q a pergunta seria mais clara. Pelo que eu entendi voce quer saber se eh possivel obter uma variavel XML do Flight Simulator e exporta-la para uma outra aplicacao?
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    HSI model

    This is a Honeywell RD-600... waiting for permission from Honeywell to access their operating manual on this=)
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    HSI model

    So I want to create this specific HSI. I know some of you are pilots, I was hoping one of you would know the model number/make of this. If not can anyone please explain me what are: - the "ALERT" flag on the left and the spinning thing:confused: on top of it - The VN display on the top right...
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    Wiper gauge

    Hi Maxime, It is possible. I know Mick Posch's Piasecki H-21C a windscreen wiper switch located on the overhead panel. You might want to take a look at the H-21's gauge files that come with it and you should be able to find your answer. The...
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    Bill, As soon as I turned off the Auto Rudder the issue was solved. I tried 'position' and 'percent' for units. When I used 'position' the number returned was in between +1 and -1 and when I used 'percent' was in between .001 and -.001. Either way my instrument works beautifully now...