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    Too many vertices for 3D letters

    Hey jtanabodee Can you send a screenshot It's easier for me to look at the polygons Regards Ian
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    Looking for a mentor to assist in creating a photorealistic ground poly

    Hey TylorE These tutorials should get you started mate Austin Sass revrengary Regards Ian
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    Nvidia sorround problem not apply option

    Hi Billy Hope this helps you Regards Ian
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    Is FSX/P3D SDK available anywhere?

    Hi Arno I have the P3D v1 and v2 SDK I can send you them if you want to put them on FSD Website for people to download Regards Ian
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    A little hep, please

    Hey sandPro This tutorial might be what your looking for Regards Ian
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    Is FSX/P3D SDK available anywhere?

    Hey Dazzyt66 I have p3d SDK V1 AND V2 If you want me to send it to you,just send me a message Regards Ian
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    Hi Alex Any chance you can upload your files And i will have a look for you mate
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    Hi Alex Have you tried moving the polygon up a layer To layer 8 or 12 or higher Regards Ian
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    Too many texture maps..

    Hi Conrad Those textures will easily fit on a 1024-1024 texture sheet Make your texture sheet in photoshop or gimp and then import them into sketchup and apply the textures from that texture sheet you made Or do you mean after you have applied your textures and you export your model you end up...
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    Too many texture maps..

    Hey Bar_rodoy Can you post a screen shot of the building your doing Regards Ian
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    FSX Glow around polygon

    Hi all Anybody know why this happens in the edit uvw When i hover my mouse over this polygon i get a glow This is only happening with this poly Best Regards Ian
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    Satellite Imagery

    I only use the imagery for reference
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    Satellite Imagery

    Hey Jason I use SBX_313 Open SBX_313 Click on file/then click on new project Name your project then add the path to where you want to save your BGL File and tick the box below,and click ok Then click on view and click on show background Then click on file and go down to add map from background...
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    Satellite Imagery

    I use SBuilderX for satellite imagery and also use gmax Here's a link GP Tutorial Regards Ian
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    P3D v4 New helicopter AI in v4.2

    Have you had a look over at Hover control website Regards Ian