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    Arno, have you seen this?

    That was one of Arno's first tools - DomainConverterX .....
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    Down time

    Arno - You DID press the blue checkered box icon, right? ;)
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    FS2004 3Side View of Convair 580

    Since I was getting bombarded by spambots, I turned off self-registration. Send me a PM with your choice of e-mail, username and I'll manually register you in the forum.
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    FS2004 3Side View of Convair 580

    Sandra - at we have the gmaz source files for Greg Pepper's CV-580.. Check out: Props downloads - Greg Pepper's CV-580 gmax source file:
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    FSX Activation

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    One click hangar

    Very nice. Now, for your next project, a one-click aircraft maker, fully animated, of course.. :)
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    Mirror button in Gmax and 3ds Max

    In defense of the much maligned mirror button .... One of the early tips that the illustious Fr. Bill hammered into my cranial cavity (emphasis on the cavity), was to use Shape Merge as a sometimes-alternative to boolean cuts. One uses splines to create the "cutting" shapes. HOWEVER...
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    FSXA What coulor is invisible ?

    Slight correction - FSDS is a modellling program -for flightsim - like gmax - that produces an output that is then processed with the SDKs. Other programs are icing on the cake.
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    FSXA What coulor is invisible ?

    I agree. I think the issue here is creating the mdl / bgl object first. Heck - bypass the SDK.... USe MCX to import the *.fsc and create the MDL in the first place!
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    FSXA What coulor is invisible ?

    If you have set up your FSDS 3.5.1 correctly, pointing to the correct SDK locations, FSDS will allow you to "create a FS object file" and in the dialog, you can choose to create a scenery object bgl or mdl directly. the older FSDS V2 used its own compiler (basically, the formats used for...
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    Adobe CS2 for free

    CS2 may be old, but considering that you don't NEED 75% of the bells and whistles, as long as it handles layers, and the nVidia plugin for bump maps, heck, I still have PSP7.0 around for quick tweaks!
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    FSXA What coulor is invisible ?

    Which version of FSDS are you using? Since v.3, FSDS uses the established SDKs to export the final model. FSDS has it's own modelling format (the *.fsc file) but that's only used by the program. The content is compiled using the SDK (FSDS actually creates the .x file and employs a batch...
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    FSXA What coulor is invisible ?

    If you are modelling scenery for FSX (as indicated in the thread title) it is my understanding that FSX does not use the bgl as a basic scenery model, but rather a scenery mdl file. In that case, from FSDS you compile a "scenery mdl" (File->Create Scenery Model).
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    FSXA AC 520 Milton Shupe

    I know someplace that's hosted the gmax source file for the AC520 since 2003 ..... we've had it at FFDS, in the gmax section, with the UVW Maps. ( ) Hint - I got dyslexic and labeled it AC450, but it's really the 520 ..
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    Adobe CS2 for free

    Now, if MAx8 were the same thing ... <sigh>