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Recent content by Frankis

  1. Frankis

    ADE Wish List

    I use the invisible hold short a lot on grass and dirt runways.
  2. Frankis

    ADE Wish List

    Just A little one. Change the Ils hold short Button to A Not visible hold short. Thanks For the GREAT job Regards Frank
  3. Frankis

    FSX Takeoff on 9, Land on 27

    Try This, Make a parallel runway same size, name it Rw 27 Left, name orig runway 27 right, make 27R landing only, 9R take off only, link the 2 rws together with no holdsohrts between them then move one runway over the other and move the rw links very close together. I only tested This once on a...
  4. Frankis

    FSX New VC for freeware Saab 340

    Looking Forward To it
  5. Frankis

    Everyone check your MFD (GPS) screens that use P3D V2.1

    Gday I fly the Epic with a flight plan Most the time and it flies spot-on in V2.1 but the Mfd shows Time to arrival ect up top of the screen but no map, My Dnav wont even find an ICAO that I enter and the AutoLand by Francois Dore mars 2012 V2.1 Don,t Work no more (It only uses radio alt for...
  6. Frankis

    Back in the land of the living

    Welcome to the land of the living Frank Australia
  7. Frankis

    How to prevent AI plane to use certain surface type of runway?

    Thanks for that info Regards Frank
  8. Frankis

    How to prevent AI plane to use certain surface type of runway?

    From my testing with TrafficDatabaseBuilder I found the runway type [HARD_SOFT] params are only used when TDBB makes auto plans and has no effect in user created plans. Regards Frank
  9. Frankis

    Drive through parking

    AI arrivals will sometimes use runways marked as closed for landing even when there's a parallel runway available, eg Heathrow, where I use the southern runway for departures only, but have seen a BA 767 arrive on it all the same even though it is closed for arrivals at both ends. I had...
  10. Frankis

    can one generate AI at a custom airport?

    Aisort The version 1.0.50 of Aisort (Vb6) Has the ability to generate Auto traffiffic using TrafficDadabaseBuilder by selecting the airports and the aircraft for daily flights. I am working on having Aisort 2.0.xx (Microsoft net 3.5) doing the same thing when I can Get my mind around some of...
  11. Frankis

    i think this website needs a makeover

    Most Definatly not. This has got to be the BEST website forum I have ever visited. No frills ,Not popups and no never ending links to chase around trying to get Info. PLease don't change it. Frank:eek:
  12. Frankis

    Beta-Test AI-Aircraft Editor

    Looks good:)
  13. Frankis

    Modifiying Aircraft.csv or aircraft.txt file - is it a viable solution?

    The aircraft.txt is only used by TrafficDatabase builder When Compiling a Schedules file ,some eliments are only used when compiling Auto Schedules ,I Think runway length is one, HARD,SOFT runway type maby another.
  14. Frankis

    FsX TrafficDataBaseBuilder

    Dump airports list gday When airportslist is created by FsX "Dump airports List" the paramater Airspace Class has either A,B,C,D,E,F or g in it. I can build the airportlist.dat with all the other Params filled using "Bglxml" but I can't find a method of getting the Airspace Params. Can...
  15. Frankis

    Making default fsX Runway Textures Transparent

    Just a sugestion that Might work try making a 0 width runway on top of a custom poly with the correct width runwaytype taxiway path. Haven't tried it myself but I use 0 width Taxiways And Paths successfuly to make taxiway paths on grass for Ai traffic. regards Frank.