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    FSX Iceland revisited - terrain scenery

    Send me post on what you need to be photographed and I will see what I can do.
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    FSX Iceland revisited - terrain scenery

    Yes it would! And then rework all the airports ofcourse. The Aerosoft ones are bit simple and outdated. :rolleyes:
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    Keflavik Airport maps and pics

    Hi. I am planning to add some of the changes/extendion that has been done since the Aerosoft scenery was released. however I can't find maps and aeralpictures of the current stadus of KEF. Can someone help with that? Best regards, Kjartan.
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    Sorry but it's not. The main reason was lack of information at the time. Since there is still no proper scenery of the place I might be willing to go a head if I get some good photos of the airport and buildings.
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    FSX Rovaniemi, EFRO

    Well done. Thank you!
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    Kiss & Goodbye - No Kisses above 3 mins!

    Great news, thank you!
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    Kiss & Goodbye - No Kisses above 3 mins!

    Hi Are there any news on the progress?
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    Kiss & Goodbye - No Kisses above 3 mins!

    Great news and good looking previews! It will be interesting to follow this topic.
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    New scenery Göteborg-Landvetter FSX/P3D2 RC-Scenery

    Fantastic! That's all I can say.
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    Arlanda, Stockholm

    Your project looks incredibly good. You have done lot in short time, especially considering you work alone. These things take time so just take your time!
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    Torp - Sandefjord X (ENTO) [FSX/P3D]

    Finally! The screenshots look promising.
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    FSX Airports of Norway FTX Global

    Thank you very much for outstanding work!!!
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    Kangerlussuaq 2

    It is Kangerlussuaq in Greenland (BGSF). This is continuation of earlier thread. I could not add more previews to it because the thread was to old. You can find it here
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    Kangerlussuaq 2

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    FS2004 Taxiway and runway lights - How?

    Thank you for the link. It seems like I am a little confused these days since I thought this was thread about fsx lights. Sorry!