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Recent content by G. Munro

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    FSXA Gauges Conflict causing system crash

    I dont have access to P3D so can not try that. Its clear it has something to do with size but not clear what limits there are and whether or not the use of <formattedtext> has anything to do with it. I had a similar problem with another aircraft where I could easily reproduce two displays but...
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    FSXA Gauges Conflict causing system crash

    Dear Karol & Bill, There is a bit of confusion here - Mr. Karol's <formattedtext> is in FS9 schema but mine is FSX. Certainly in FSX <formattedtext> can crash the system if there is a flaw in it but it works fine otherwise. It is even possible to use if{ } els{ ] syntax instead of the usual...
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    FSXA Gauges Conflict causing system crash

    Dear Karol, A question occurs to me - do your six gauges just access variables or do they do Nearest, Waypoint, or ICAO searches? I am doing all these searches so if there was a limit in the number of keys allowed this could explain it. I have already established that I can search on two...
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    FSXA Gauges Conflict causing system crash

    I assure you that <formattedtext> does work in FSX. I have used it extensively - see my published GPSNEW gauge. Here is a sample <formattedtext>. I know that if you get the indexing wrong it causes a system crash but this would happen even if I had a single gauge running. A single or two gauges...
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    FSXA Gauges Conflict causing system crash

    Dear Karol, Thanks for thinking about this problem for me. Yes flooding is easily detected by FSUIPC and prevented by using a condition for setting K: variables. Unfortunately this is not occurring in this case. Interesting that you call fs9gps from six gauges - it indicates there is not a limit...
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    FSXA Gauges Conflict causing system crash

    I should clarify - it does not actually crash immediately. Initially it fails to load all text across the whole panel - an indication its out of memory (but there is plenty available). Then if the aircraft is reloaded it seems to work OK. If not it will crash later on. Have also tried the panel...
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    FSXA Gauges Conflict causing system crash

    Sadly no. They are already set up that way.
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    FSXA Gauges Conflict causing system crash

    I have three very large gauges all of which access the fs9gps database (one accesses only the maps, one accesses maps and data, one accesses data only). The gauges are self contained - they do not pass data between them. My problem is that while any two of these gauges work successfully at any...
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    FSXA General eng fuel used since start

    This variable does work but its wrongly documented. It is actually indexed to the engine number so if you use (A:General Eng Fuel Used Since Start:1, pounds) this will give you the fuel usage for engine 1.
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    Looking For Programmers For Payware A380 Project

    I have done many panels in XML - most recently an A320. I am particularly experienced in doing synoptic displays and have recently been working on a VC project on another aircraft. Let me know if you are still interested - I note that you posted in November..
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    Little help with XML gauge needed.

    I have written many PFDs. What help do you need?
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    ICAOsearch Function in fs9gps

    The Garmin may well function this way and in fact only displays one Facility anyway so it does not matter but the ICAOSearch function is supposed to return a list of Facilities but only returns one after keying more than two characters. I would like to know if there is any way around this...
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    ICAOsearch Function in fs9gps

    I have been trying to get this function working and using Bob McElrath's excellent manual. I have found however that it does not work as expected and wonder if this problem is known: 1. The IcaoSearchInitialIcao if blank will load the first Facility in the database initially and display. If...
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    Looking for XML developer

    I have already developed EICAS for many Boeing models including the Boeing 737-800. They are published on Flightsom.com and Simviation.com. All of them closely match the real EICAS. If you want assistance in developing a new one I can assist if you like. You can contact by email on...
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    C++ OR XML Coder Wanted: Boeing 747 Classic Panel Project

    I would be interested in helping with your project if you find me of interest. I have designed and published a few XML panels including Boeing 737-800, 747-400, 757, 767, 777, and 787. You can see them on www.Flightsim.com if you are interested. I have also recently published a Garmin GPS 500...