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    Looking for Mission Developer

    Hi Kareem, If you buy FSAddons Mission Editor, you can create missions for yourself. You may enjoy it !
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    Making a parking spot that Ai won't use- Help ?

    As in title really. I tried using a break in the parking link, and the markings are pretty much complete for my a/c to park or start at... but it seems to break the Fuel trucks - if I call for a fuel truck it disappears. Now, i'm guessing that there a number of ways to achieve this...
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    Fuel Trucks have turned to Buses !!! Virus or Joke

    fsx veh_air_asas_bus This is the offending bus folder in the simobjects. Seems to be aliasing fuel trucks to the bus object - some rogue 3rd party scenery ! Sorted now. Thnx
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    Fuel Trucks have turned to Buses !!! Virus or Joke

    All of a sudden I have yellow buses instead of fuel trucks. Any (serious !) ideas ? :p
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    No Texture Sub-Forum ? Help requested

    Hi, Could do with a texture/graphics sub-section. But, I am looking for a list of resources covering 'tools' for manipulating and converting textures for use in FSDS / 3D Max etc. I have DXTBMP but am wondering what others are available as I especially need to batch-convert textures to...
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    Advice Sought re: Sourcing and Manipulation of Textures

    Yes I saw those. They are bookmarked and I will be studying them closely. I notice that you start all of them with "I assume you know how to create textures". Shame ! We could really do with some stuff on textures. There seem to be loads of tutes around on 3D modelling etc., but I am...
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    Advice Sought re: Sourcing and Manipulation of Textures

    BTW, As for resolution, is 1024 square the best to go with or go up to 2048 ? I'm only making VFR airport scenery so FPS isn't a major issue. As you say above... even a digital "real image" is better than "drawing one in Paint. A brick wall is just that - and what better way, than to get a...
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    Advice Sought re: Sourcing and Manipulation of Textures

    Thnx Farfy. Just been checking out your tutes. Well done. :D
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    Advice Sought re: Sourcing and Manipulation of Textures

    Hi All, Is it best ot use FSDS for texture application, or is their other software that is better? Is it best to use default textures, or make them yourself ? Where can you get textures, if you don't own a Hi Def camera ? If anyone can point me in the direction to learn about this...
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    ADE and PR backgrounds

    Right click on the runway, and get rid of texture (asphalt/concrete etc.). You just have the runway (or taxiways/ aprons etc.) "lines" defined. Then your image should show through just fine. It is the same way to get runways on water.
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    Please Help With Ramplights - FLicker / Apron Lighting Issues

    Hi all, Having learned how to mip map textures, my FS9 airports are all looking very nice. Clearly, fences have to be deleted, or they flicker like mad... and no way of stopping that awful flicker. No amounts of AA or mip map settings will change that. However, one thing I can't live...
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    Please Help Me with Airports on Hills !

    Thnx for that guys. How exactly would I use ADE to flatten the area (or essentially, raise it) around the airport witohut actually creating a new airport ? If the airport cannot be opened in aDE - which some can't - can I actually make a BGL jsut for the flatten polgons ? - and presumably...
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    Basic tutorial - any recommendations ?

    Hi Mike, I downloaded your tutorials a while ago, but I need to grasp the basics of the program first. Rest assured, once I've got the basics, I'll move on to your videos. Just be sure to get that second sceenry one done ... ;) I'm only really interested in scenery. What I'd like is...
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    Basic tutorial - any recommendations ?

    Okay, no worries. I guess I'll try and suss out the basics from the built-in help files and get up to speed. :o Then I'll be bugging you for the part two and texturing ! Cheers for now. :)
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    Basic tutorial - any recommendations ?

    It is my lucky day ! I have lots of MAIW stuff... love my fighter planes and live near RAF Valley. I have looked at your tutorials I think - 6 or so on aircraft and one on a hangar ? But I'm not interested in the aircraft stuff at the moment. I think you did "Part One" of a hangar tutorial...