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Recent content by Gaiiden

  1. Gaiiden

    MSFS Wrong Tower

    ADE doesn't import objects yet from default airports. You need to use the MSFS built-in tools to exclude then replace the tower. This is really easy to do, plenty of video tutorials on airport editing on youtube like these: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_Up4sAmkCfXIOqIRzS9OpQEJRyW-rnoq...
  2. Gaiiden

    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 14 Released - WITHDRAWN

    Cheers Jon, was looking forward to this build to finally give things a go with stock airfield editing and it all worked perfectly. Installed, loaded a default turf field, removed the vegetation exclusions from the AI paths, built the project, loaded in the sim and viola!! No more barecut forest...
  3. Gaiiden

    MSFS ADE and FS2020

    this is awesome news, great work!!
  4. Gaiiden

    Editing default airports

    my hope for being able to just tweak and not have to replace in MSFS is because unlike previous stock airports these are *so close* to being fine as-is. I've just finished surveying all the airports in NJ/NY/PA/DE/MD and the general result is that they are all perfect blend-in recreations that...
  5. Gaiiden

    Creating own lighting system from scratch

    I'm betting you can't custom place them individually
  6. Gaiiden

    Can turf fields be built not to exclude trees?

    yes I see that is what is being done and I'm looking to NOT do that. Eventually - haven't had time to try yet which is why I'm asking ahead for any advice
  7. Gaiiden

    Can turf fields be built not to exclude trees?

    Has anyone worked on small turf fields and kept all the surrounding trees? For example this image: I've seen this on every turf airfield I've looked at (100+ in NJ/NY) so it must be some kind of exclusion poly around the airport or the runway. One of my first things to do when I get time to...
  8. Gaiiden

    MSFS Help on How to Modify Default Airports

    my hero!! yea works a charm. Runway threshold is still not as high over terrain as it should be but at least it is FLAT and that's all I care about right now. I'll fix the rest with a full airport remodel once the SDK matures a bit more. Thanks again my friend!
  9. Gaiiden

    MSFS Help on How to Modify Default Airports

    wow, I didn't realize you had actually spoken to them. Great to know they are possibly considering something. Thanks for the additional info
  10. Gaiiden

    MSFS Help on How to Modify Default Airports

    Hey Jon, thanks for the confirmation on not being able to load default airports. A shame, Asobo had to know they couldn't get it all right and that ppl would want to fix things on their own. I gave up on finding a simple solution after some more work digging around. will just have to wait for...
  11. Gaiiden

    MSFS Help on How to Modify Default Airports

    Sup all, long time no see - been ~7yrs since I stopped with FSX but MSFS2020 has got me back. Was not going to bother with scenery design so soon except my home airport KBLM has a rather nasty elevation problem for the end of one of its runways I have installed the SDK but not sure how to...
  12. Gaiiden

    Airport Design Editor Version 1.61.5210

    No I mean in the View menu so they can be hidden
  13. Gaiiden

    Airport Design Editor Version 1.61.5210

    comments are awesome, but I think they should be added to the View list. Also, not sure how I feel about the single-line text box but we'll see how much commenting I need to actually do with my comments (as will others) to determine whether a multi-line box would be a better thing.
  14. Gaiiden

    [FINAL CALL] Second FSDeveloper Online Conference in April - Topics and Speakers Wanted!

    well, the email address is still in the link but here it is plain: gaiiden@blade-edge.com and make sure you include [FSDC] in the subject line
  15. Gaiiden

    [FINAL CALL] Second FSDeveloper Online Conference in April - Topics and Speakers Wanted!

    Check the original post Shaun, and use the subject line that comes up with the email. There is also a link to the videos from the first conference. There was a nice lecture on texturing by Bill Womack but he didn't get into exporting and placing