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Recent content by gayanll

  1. gayanll

    P3D v4 Plateau Issue with Custom mesh

    So im making a scenery for this small airport and i created a custom mesh too. In default p3d airport elevation is 300m, but in real life its 192m. i corrected that in ADE and added an Exclusion polygon in ADE too when i load airport WITHOUT custom mesh file all okey, with airport altitude is...
  2. gayanll

    P3D v4 Autogen Packages for different countries

    you use scenproc?
  3. gayanll

    scenProc Failed to read CFG

  4. gayanll

    I'm working on scenery... (2020)

    Our latest Sigiriya, Sri Lanka.
  5. gayanll

    P3D v4 Invisible in MCX

    Okey fixed it. Reason was i forgot to totally remove an accidental attach point i created. **For future reference if somebody got same issue in 3dsmax, make sure all thing under "Object-> Object properties-> User defined is deleted to comnpletely remove al attached points.
  6. gayanll

    P3D v4 Invisible in MCX

    So i modeled a rock in 3DSMAX, its hollow inside then exported as X file. there are 3 separate objects in 3dsmax file (not atached to each other) But when imported to MCX, only part of the object is visible. Any idea whats wrong? I have attached screenshots from 3ds MAX and MCX view. there...
  7. gayanll

    Project ???

    Fantastic..! This is for X-Plane is it?
  8. gayanll

    P3D v4 Texture Flicker

    Okey i'l check that out. thanks
  9. gayanll

    P3D v4 Texture Flicker

    Any idea why is this happening? Like flickering with movement of camera. I tried several "Alpha Test Level" values in MCX, but no difference
  10. gayanll

    Something similar to Scenproc

    Thanks Arno. I'll try this out
  11. gayanll

    FSX Hard surface for photo-underground

    What is apron path? and where is it?
  12. gayanll

    FSX Make apron transparent/invisible

    What is apron path? where is it?
  13. gayanll

    Something similar to Scenproc

    So how to bring "tuned" details from GUI editor to scripts?
  14. gayanll

    Something similar to Scenproc

    Appreciate if you an give me a sample filter. How do i get a input from feature detection? it doesn't give any output anywhere.
  15. gayanll

    Something similar to Scenproc

    Hi Arno attached is the image im using. of course i broke it in to smaller parts as manual says. even i went through the manual i still can't figure out what filters are to use and not. somehow i managed to get identified some trees, but then how to write the code? :banghead: