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Recent content by Gelomare

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    Official Airport to SDK project: here is a small app to help you (draft)

    Ok. thanks so very much. Now i can proceed with my project.
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    Official Airport to SDK project: here is a small app to help you (draft)

    Love this .little app. Can someone please explain the delete tags and how they work when using them. Thanks
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    MSFS retrieve an airport on Ade

    Did you use the project i just sent and did you use the open project option? Just trying to see where the issue might be, Andrea.
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    MSFS retrieve an airport on Ade

    I was able to open PASY and here it is as a fresh start for you Andrea. I was able to build from the bgl option in ADE. Hope this helps. You should be able to use the open project option to get this up and running in ADE20. Gelomare
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    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 20 HotFix 3 Released

    Access confirmed and working for me. Thanks Jon.
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    MSFS ils lost

    Take a look at this method: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/how-add-a-ils-or-any-nav-to-airport.448806/post-853829 It has worked for me and is still working. The other way would be to add your ILS using the dev tools in msfs. Either way will place the ils for you.
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    MSFS Win11 Pro Preview

    Jon, Just sharing that ADE Alpha-20 is working quite well for me using the Win 11-Pro Beta Version. I was able to open my current project without issue, was able to build project without issue and am now in a flight. All without issues. I will report in to this forum as I further explore this...
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    MSFS Test Please

    Jon, Works for me as well-W10-21H!. Thanks.
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    MSFS Models in HF2

    Jon, You are correct. No problems here!
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    ADE Trouble compiling and setting paths ADE 20

    From the snip, it seems that you are trying to find the Microsoft version of MSFS. Have you tried to click the Steam version on the page and then click on The Find button. That should point ADE to your Steam installed version of MSFS.
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    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 20 Hot Fix 1 Released

    Jon, quick report back. I am liking the new method of working with user models. The placement and getting footprints work as you describe and was a lot simpler. YEA!!! I will report more if need be as i continue to work on my project. Thanks a bunch. Gelomare
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    MSFS Alpha 20 model problem

    Jon, A word of appreciation and many thanks for all you do so that we can have this great experience with MSFS. Gelomare
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    MSFS How To??

    Ok. Thanks.
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    MSFS How To??

    Jon, i sent the download link to my project to you. The Folder name is KMDN. Thanks a million.