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Recent content by Geoff_D

  1. Geoff_D

    MSFS Units of Measure via Simconnect

    100 reads but no input ... nobody telling me to go RTFM .. so thats good ... it would seem that this functionality is not yet available in MSFS ... :(
  2. Geoff_D

    MSFS How involved is it to add an Airport Beacon to stock MSFS Airport ?

    Wild Guess, from the Forum Name -- A10's -- National Guard ??? Yes. its seems to be a lot of work, especially when you do not have access to the original raw data files ? I know next to nothing about editing airports, apart from the fact it is very time consuming, and must also be...
  3. Geoff_D

    MSFS Units of Measure via Simconnect

    Is there currently any way to get the "Units of measure:, via Simconnect. In P3d it returns an enum (0, , 1, 2) In MSFS, it always just seems to return 0 (or I am messing up )
  4. Geoff_D

    MSFS Explain js/css/html and xml and gltf/bin and wasm relationships?

    What do you see broken on the C172 Classic's Transponder and it's KAP140 AP ? (I may have the answer, if it's the same thing I just fixed)
  5. Geoff_D

    MSFS AP Hold Ref with Multiple Baros

    Good start to a new year .. got it fixed ... Needed to change the Asobo code in both the AP and the Transponder, so the Transponder baro 3 -->2, and the AP baro from 2---3> Then , have the Transponder's # 2 baro, always be checking and being set to Std, so when "b" is pressed...
  6. Geoff_D

    MSFS AP Hold Ref with Multiple Baros

    I'm still not getting it .. and this isi after spending days trying to figure it out. As far as I can see, the KAP140 AP is always refrencing baro 2 in the code, and can sucessfully alter that baro. So then, what is causing the MSFS AP PID (?) to be trying to set the altitude...
  7. Geoff_D

    MSFS AP Hold Ref with Multiple Baros

    yes, so if you do not want your Transponder baro to be set by "b" key, you need to keep resetting it back to Std Alt ..
  8. Geoff_D

    MSFS AP Hold Ref with Multiple Baros

    Basic issue is The C172 Classic, is using the incorrect BARO for its AP. And I wonder how many other Aircraft, especially the more complex ones, with multiple APs, and multiple Baro setting for those AP, are doing, and if underneath, they are also suffering form similar issues. Should be of...
  9. Geoff_D

    MSFS Max 4 MAP limitation in cockpit, across all GPS gauges

    Currently MSFS can only support a Maximum of 4 Maps in a Cockpit. If you have 2 GPS Gauges in the cockpit, that is limiting to only 2 Maps per Gauge. !! (More than 4 will cause a CTD when the 5th is selected) If any of you are developing GPS gauges, or want to see more than 4 maps...
  10. Geoff_D

    MSFS AP Hold Ref with Multiple Baros

    What determines the Baro Index when you have multiple Baros in the plane, and what determined what baro the AP hold will use ? I believe there is a BUG / issue with the Altitude Hold in the C172 Steam AP. It gets complicated : --- **But here Goes**. (Posted on MSFS Forum, but...
  11. Geoff_D

    MSFS Reading a setting in aircraft.cfg file from within JS

    Back to saving a gauge's parameters. I can now see how a WASM gauge can save parameters to be persistent between MSFS sessions. (although I don't see any examples, or anyone doing this yet) So is there a way that, using a WASM "dummy gauge" for a JS gauge to use that dummy WASM gauge...
  12. Geoff_D

    MSFS Fixing MSFS LDA information in APX data files

    That's so right, but trying to get Asobo to even recognize & understand this as an issue, when there so much Eye Candy and X-Box stuff that "needs" to be addressed, will take some considerable lobbying, or a word from the right person into the right ear. -- although when it was...
  13. Geoff_D

    MSFS Fixing MSFS LDA information in APX data files

    Thanks ... any chance this could be used to just process EVERY ILS/LDA in the Sim -- something that one could run easily and let it do it's thing, especially if needed when new airports are added. ie all_offset_ils.py "G:\MSFS\Microsoft Flight...
  14. Geoff_D

    MSFS Fixing MSFS LDA information in APX data files

    Thank you ... I thought i was going Crazy .. one day I could fly the LDA 19, another day i could not .. Now i know why .. the LDA Z works, the LDA Y does not !! So what it going to take for Asobo to both recognize this as an issue, and then fix it ? If I use a Custom...
  15. Geoff_D

    MSFS Sounds in MSFS Gauges

    gps: playInstrumentSound ("tone_caution") is something I spotted in an Asobo File, so I am assuming there is an gps : function, and that with , for example gps: layInstrumentSound ("tone_caution"), "sound_caution" is a MSFS sound that can be referenced by name...